Will There Be a Season 7 of “Lucifer?”

Lucifer Season 7

The current season count for Lucifer is 6. Fox broadcast the first three seasons in the United States. Fox terminated the show after its third season despite generally positive reviews for subsequent instalments (2 and 3). After what seemed like an indefinite hiatus, Seasons 1-3 were made available on Amazon Prime Video.

The show’s popularity skyrocketed when Netflix ordered two further seasons. Originally, Netflix intended to discontinue the show after Season 5, but the company has already announced a Sixth Season.

In terms of total views, it easily surpassed any other Netflix original series in 2021. In total, that’s the equivalent of 18.34 billion hours spent watching.

Producers and distributors at Warner Bros. Television have expressed their delight at the show’s success. As they tweeted, “Huge congratulations to #Lucifer on becoming @Netflix’s #1 most-streamed original series of 2021 in the US!” Our devoted audience deserves a tonne of credit for making a racket on the live broadcasts.

There Will Not Be a New Season!

Netflix renewed the show for a fourth season after Fox cancelled it after three because of how popular it was. Unfortunately, even in its new surroundings, Lucifer’s lifetime was limited. The show’s sixth season, directed by Tom Ellis, has concluded, wrapping off the demonic protagonist’s narrative.

Since the comedy was not renewed for a seventh season, the current sixth season will be its last. This means that there will be no Season 7 of lucifer

Lucifer Season 7
Season 6 Will Conclude the Main Plot!

Lucifer Morningstar, a handsome and powerful angel cast out of Heaven for disobedience, is at the core of this story. In his role as King of Hell, the Devil or Satan has grown weary of inflicting pain on humanity.

He disobeys his father (God) by leaving the throne and settling in Los Angeles, where he runs the Lux nightclub as its owner and manager. While investigating a homicide, he meets the stunning Detective Chloe Decker.

After consulting with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and helping them solve the crime using his ability to charm individuals into disclosing their deepest desires, Lucifer accepts a second opportunity to work with Chloe.

As they investigate crimes and grow closer to one another over the series, they also encounter a wide spectrum of bizarre animals.

Story-wise, season 6 was the last straw. Lucifer brought the narrative to a close with a devastating and dramatic climax that not only did the Devil justice but also concluded the arcs of all the key characters.

Lucifer now understood that his ultimate mission was to return to Hell and aid every damned soul in breaking free of its endless cycle. Lucifer vanishes from Rory’s life suddenly since he has a task that forces him to leave when Rory is born.

Most of the Major Players Will Not Be Coming Back!

With so many characters killed off, it’s clear that Lucifer will not return to the LAPD for a second season. Since both Maze and Dan have perished, it is safe to assume that the Devil will not be revived.

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Season 7 Lucifer Teaser!

Since it has not been decided whether or not Lucifer will return for a seventh season, let’s pass the time by watching the season six trailer.


How Does the Lucifer Series Rate on the Internet Movie Database?

Lucifer has an 8.1/10 rating on the Internet Movie Database.

Please describe the main genres represented in this Netflix programme.
Crime, drama, and fantasy are the three core genres of the Netflix series.

Who is the Director of the Lucifer Series?

Tom Kapinos is the Director of the Lucifer series.


We’re looking forward to seeing the Devil rise from the grave. We pray that the producers would move fast to bring Lucifer back to LAPD.

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