When Will Season 5 of the Last Kingdom Be Out, What Can We Anticipate, and Where Can We Get It?

Season 5 of the Last Kingdom

Fans of the blockbuster drama The Last Kingdom have taken to social media to express their elation about the immediate availability of the series’ fifth and final season on Netflix.

Zoe Ball, anchor of the morning programme on BBC Radio 2, is one among these people; she has spoken at length about her appreciation for the historical epic adapted from Bernard Cornwell’s books.

Her remarks were observed by the show’s actor, Alexander Dreymon, who replied with a funny video posted to The Last Kingdom’s Twitter page. In it, Uhtred launches Wessex Radio with the aid of his friends Finan (Mark Rowley), Sihtric (Arnas Fedaraviius), and Father Pyrlig (Timothy Spall) (Cavan Clerkin).

What is the Premiere Date for Season 5 of the Last Kingdom?

On March 9, 2022, Netflix premiered Season 5 of The Last Kingdom.

Season 4 premiered on April 26, 2020, therefore there was a long hiatus until Season 5 began airing in 2021, however a two-year gap has been the norm throughout the show’s run.

Is There a Synopsis for Season 5 of the Last Kingdom?

King Edward II, picking up where Season 4 left off, spends Season 5 attempting to realise his late father’s dream of a unified England. To prevent adversaries from disrupting the line of succession, fracturing the fragile peace of the young England, and tipping the power balance once more, Uhtred is serving as guardian of Aethelstan, the future King of England.

The cast includes Emily Cox as Brida, Eliza Butterworth as Aelswith, Mark Rowley as Finan, Arnas Fedaravicius as Sihtric, Adrian Schiller as Aethelhelm, Cavan Clerkin as Pyrlig, Millie Brady as Aethelflaed, Timothy Innes as King Edward, Ewan Mitchell as Osferth, and James Northcote as Osferth’s father (Aldhelm).Season 5 of the Last Kingdom

The Cast and Characters From the Last Kingdom Are Back for Season 5.

Pictures from the set of the fifth season of The Last Kingdom have revealed which actors will be returning for the series’ conclusion, and fans will be happy to know that their (surviving) favourites will all be appearing.

Naturally, Alexander Dreymon will be back in his role as Uhtred of Bebbanburg, the show’s major focus from the beginning and a powerful warrior with links to both the Saxons and the Danes.

The character is mostly fictitious, which may disappoint some viewers, however several historical characters are referenced throughout the series (for more information, see our synopsis of The Last Kingdom’s historical context).

First and foremost are Timothy Innes (King Edward), Millie Brady (Lady Aethelflaed), and Eliza Butterworth (Lady Aelswith), who all return to their roles as the Saxon royals in Winchester and who were left in a state of disarray at the conclusion of season 4.

After Aelswith was poisoned by Aethelhelm towards the conclusion of season 4, it was unclear if Butterworth would be returning to her co-stars for the final instalment, but recent social media postings have revealed that she will be.

What Are the Source Novels for the Last Kingdom?

Titled “The Last Kingdom,” “The Saxon Stories, Book 1” is the first novel in the series. Starting with “The Last Kingdom” and ending with “War Lord,” a total of 13 novels make up this series. The series concludes with 2020’s War Lord, which will focus on Uhtred’s dying days.

The following novels may be paired with the TV series The Last Kingdom:

  • First Season: “The Last Kingdom” and “The Pale Horseman”
  • During the second season, titled “The Lords of the North,” Season 3 of Sword Song: The
  • Burning Land and the End of the Kings
  •  Season4 : The Pagan Lord, the Vacant Throne
  • Fifth Year: The Flame Bearer and the Warriors of the Storm
  • The War of the Wolf, the Sword of Kings, and the War Lord: Seven Kings Must Die (unconfirmed, but likely)

What Will Happen in the Fifth Season of the Last Kingdom?

When The Last Kingdom was renewed for a fifth season, Carnival Films provided the following synopsis: “In the fifth instalment, Uhtred will learn that his fate is related to the future of England as a whole, not simply Bebbanburg.

Uhtred’s desire will serve a greater purpose now that he is responsible for developing King Edward’s eldest son, Aethelstan, into a warrior. However, Uhtred will have to defeat his worst adversary and endure the biggest loss of his life in order to fulfil this destiny.

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Fans will worry about the fate of Young Uhtred and Stiorra, as well as trustworthy friends Finan and Sihtric, if something happens to Uhtred in the next season.

Eliza Butterworth described her revived Lady Aelswith and her friend Eadith as a surprising new partnership to keep a look out for, and the panel at London’s MCM Comic-Con, where The Last Kingdom was presented, promised more revelations.

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