When Will Season 2 of Arcane Be Available on Netflix, Who Will Be in It, and What Will Happen?

Arcane season 2

Arcane, an animated series released by Netflix in November 2021, was an instant sensation because to its captivating story (and one hell of a cliffhanger ending).

If you haven’t already, add this show to your DVR queue; it won an Emmy in September 2022 for Outstanding Animated Program.

But because you’re here reading about season two, we’ll assume you’ve already seen the first season and are eagerly awaiting its continuation.

Read on to find out all that will happen in the show’s future.

When Could Season 2 of Arcane Be Available to Watch Online?

Season two of Arcane has been announced, although we don’t yet know when to expect it.

As Netflix previously revealed, production on the programme started in November 2021, so all that’s left to do is wait.

Kevin Alejandro has revealed that early season two voice work was done in lockdown (via Buzzfeed).

“Season 2 began, at least partially, amid the epidemic, which presented unique and difficult opportunities. They [the Arcane team] sent over a whole studio unit, complete with acoustic panels, cameras, microphones, and instructions. After that, I’d use Zoom in my cloakroom to record our dialogue for the next season.”Arcane season 2

The Mysterious Second Season’s Storyline: What Will Happen?

If you’ve watched the season 1 conclusion of Arcane, you know that some of the original cast members may not survive until the second season. Jinx launched an arcane crystal rocket towards Piltover’s council chamber, where many major and minor figures were meeting. Jayce, Mel, Viktor, Cassandra, Hoskel, Bolbok, Shoola, and Salo were all in the chamber when the rocket went off.

Not everyone will make it, unfortunately. We expect Mel and Cassandra to have been killed or seriously wounded at the very least. Fans on Reddit(opens in new tab) share this opinion, with some speculating that the death of Cassandra was disclosed in a second season animation frame shown in the third episode of Bridging the Rift. It’s strange that Riot and Fortiche would spoil this before it’s even out, but maybe they did it on purpose to see if anybody noticed. This doesn’t seem to be an outtake from the first season of Arcane, thus this may be the first look at the upcoming second season.

If There Be a Second Season of Arcane, Who Will Play the Roles?

Only three of Arcane season 2’s characters have been announced so far.

  • Performing the role of Vi is Hailee Steinfeld.
  • Performer: Ella Purnell as Jinx
  • Played by Katie Leung, Caitlyn
  • The three of them may be heard in the season 2 announcement video.
    They are unharmed and will return because they kept watching throughout that terrifying season one conclusion.

So, who else might possibly return? What happens next is contingent on who makes it out of the assault on the Piltover council chamber alive. We believe Mel and/or Cassandra, and maybe any of the other council members, might be killed or seriously damaged by Jinx’s attack. Nonetheless, we anticipate Jayce’s survival. We think he has more of a part to play, and he will want to see Jinx punished for her misdeeds.

The return of Ekko and Heimerdinger is also imminent. Since they were both absent during the attack on the council chamber, we may expect to see the pair back in Season 2 of Arcane, where we can follow their developing stories. And even though Viktor was in the council chamber when Jinx struck, he will still show up.

When Will the Arcane Season 2 Trailer Be Released?

While a trailer has yet to surface, at least we have weekly episodes of Bridging the Rift to keep us occupied.

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There are now five episodes accessible, which explore the animation and music that gave this programme its magical quality.

Check it out for yourself! As soon as a trailer for Season 2 becomes available, we will let you know.

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