Are There Any Plans For “When Calls the Heart Season 10?”


When Calls the Heart is an evocative novella about love and family conflict.

Michael Landon Jr. is the creator of the western family drama that premiered on Hallmark Channel on 11th January 2014.

The American series is produced by Vicki Sotheran, Greg Malcolm, and Lori Loughlin.

When Calls the Heart has has successfully completed eight seasons with a total of 83 episodes. Fans are currently anticipating the show’s ninth and tenth episodes. Here, we’re going to focus only on the tenth season.

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What Is the Series When Calls the Heart’s Plotline?

The narrative of the series centres on a young teacher named Elizabeth Thatcher, who is a member of high society. Her first course project brings her to a little coal mining community in Western Canada called Coal Valley.

when calls the heart season 10

While life looks to be straightforward over there, Elizabeth soon discovers that it is fraught with difficulties. Everyone is seduced by her charm except Constable Jack Thornton of the Royal North-West Mounted Police.

She is torn between two very different lifestyles, as the narrative vividly illustrates.

When Will the 10th Season of When Calls the Heart Premiere on the Original Network?

When The Heart Sings has successfully concluded its eight-season run. Now, fans are anticipating the show’s ninth and 10 seasons. However, while we do not have much information about season 10, we do have some information on the ninth season.

If the programme maintains its current schedule, the 10th season should premiere in the Summer of 2022. Season 9 was consist of 12 episodes and was premiered on 21st July 2021.

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What Are the Characters’ Names in the Series When the Heart Calls?

Erin Krakow’s Elizabeth Thatcher is a young teacher who is highly enthusiastic. She ended up in the Coal Valley, which is in desperate need of a teacher. She quickly realises that surviving there is quite tough, considering she comes from a wealthy family.

Lori Loughlin’s Abigail Stanton is a lady living in Coal Valley whose husband and son were killed in a mining accident. She is a strong and compassionate woman.

Jack Wagner’s Bill Avery is a competent man who likes to remain silent. He was the town’s Sheriff before becoming a judge.

Martin Cummins’ character, Henry Gowen, is a businessman. He was the proprietor of the Coal Valley mining firm and was apprehended for embezzling local monies. He later establishes an oil business in town with the assistance of Abigail.

Rosemary LeVeaux Coulter, as portrayed by Pascale Hutton, is a New York-based actress. After breaking her engagement with Jack Thornton, she falls in love with Lee Coulter.

Kavan Smith’s Leland Coulter is a patient and compassionate guy who establishes his sawmill in Hope Valley.

Andrea Brooks’ character Faith Carter is a nurse. She travels from Elizabeth’s hometown to Hope Valley in quest of job.

when calls the heart season 10

Carson Shephard, played by Paul Greene, is a Hope Valley physician. He develops feelings for Faith.

Chris McNally’s character, Lucas Bouchard, is a businessman. He owns the tavern Queens of Hearts and Gowen Petroleum. He assists Elizabeth in establishing a public library by providing a building to her. Lucas and Elizabeth will shortly begin dating.

Kevin McGarry’s Nathan Grant arrives in Hope Valley with his niece, Allie. He came to the town to defend Elizabeth and her son, but ends himself falling in love with her.

Clara Stanton Flynn, portrayed by Eva Bourne, is Abigail’s daughter-in-law.

Aren Buchholz’s Jesse Flynn was an outlaw who was lately living blissfully and sweetly in Hope Valley.

What Are the Series When The Heart Calls Ratings?

When the Heart Sings has gotten favourable reviews from both the crowd and reviewers.

When the Heart Sings does not have enough scores on Rotten Tomatoes to be measured on the Tomato metre. It has an IMDb rating of 8.1 out of 10.

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Where Can We Watch When the Heart Calls?

Numerous websites are accessible on the Internet via which you may stream the performance. Amazon Prime and Netflix are the most popular. You may either subscribe to the channel or purchase or rent individual seasons or episodes via Amazon Prime.

It is available on Netflix exclusively with a membership.

Seasons are also available for purchase or rental through Vudu, Google Play, and iTunes.

There are several sources on the Internet from where you may download and watch the series offline.


We currently have no information about Season 10. However, Season 9 is scheduled to premiere in 2022. Fans are anticipating it with bated breath.

Until then, keep an eye on When The Heart Calls!

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