What Is The Source Of The Kill John Lennon Audio In Viral Tiktok Videos?

John Lennon

The “Kill John Lennon” trend on TikTok is unusual and uncannily similar to a cult, albeit it is not as as ominous as it may seem. On the other hand, this specific viral trend fits in wonderfully given TikTok’s propensity for a broad array of odd and wacky viral trends, songs, challenges, and memes.

The audio is already included in more than 200,000 videos, and the #sleeperagent hashtag has received 51.5 million views. Could you possibly expound on the “Kill John Lennon” campaign and its relationship to animals in light of the aforementioned?John Lennon

What does the Tiktok trend “Kill John Lennon” mean?

Although the trend’s name can give you the impression that it is about the artist John Lennon, the majority of its attention is really directed at the pets of TikTokers rather than the musician.

They record their pets while playing a file with the words “Kill John Lennon” on it. A menacing piano piece starts to play after the remark is said, and the animals frequently act as though they are getting ready for a hunt after hearing the music.

What Takes Place in These Popular Videos?

The most recent fashion features animals, but it does it in an unusual environment. This task exposes a weird connection between the two, despite your first confusion about what on earth dogs have to do with John Lennon. In fact, some individuals would mockingly refer to it as a conspiracy theory.

TikTok users have started recording their animals’ responses to a popular audio clip that contains the phrase “Kill John Lennon.” The next event is funny for both the animals and their owners.

The sound quickly awakens dogs, cats, and occasionally even non-traditional pets from their slumber. They all quickly jerk their heads back and most of them just stare.

Some even stopped completely, while others appeared to be in anguish by rolling about. The believability of the fake is further enhanced by evidence that the audio even awakened some sleeping animals. At first, several people didn’t believe the dogs’ reactions, thinking they weren’t genuine, but after giving it a try, they had the same results.

Thanks to these TikToks, pet owners are now actively questioning whether their animals were truly Russian sleeper spies all along, with “Kill John Lennon” acting as their “sleeper agent activation phrase.”

Where is the Source of the Sound?

Season 14, Episode 2 of the show contains the episode titled “The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs.” They develop their own book with material that, in their perspective, really pushes the envelope since they believe the title of the most widely read book isn’t offensive enough.

The four of them devise a scheme to persuade Butters that he wrote “The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs” while sleepwalking in order to get out of trouble. After completing The Catcher in the Rye, Butters starts to believe them because he starts to want to kill other individuals who have already died away, including John Lennon.

It’s he who can be heard saying “Kill John Lennon” on the TikTok tape; he’s in a trance, maybe.

Pet owners are using the audio track from “Kill John Lennon” as part of a TikTok trend to gauge the degree of evil their four-legged friends are capable of. It is obvious they are a masked assassin if they hear the audio and appear to be preparing to hunt down someone.

Animal buddies are referred to as “hidden sleeper operators” by certain users.

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