How Much Does a Long Distance Move Cost With Movers?

Long Distance Move Cost

Long distance moves have their own special set of difficulties. Thankfully, we have extensive experience with long distance moves. You can trust our movers, who are skilled travellers, to transfer your possessions carefully. There is no distance too great for a Little Guy; we can pack, relocate, and set you up in your new home from coast to coast!

We can also assist you in finding storage options or in cross-country moving of big specialised goods. The Little Guys are here for you, whatever you need. Get in touch with us, and we’ll design the ideal long-distance moving strategy for you. Prepare your car trip music and let’s get started.

What Distinguishes Little Guys Movers’ Long Distance Relocation From Others?

We will support you throughout.

At your destination, the same Little Guys that packed the truck at your starting point will bring it to you. Every step of the trip, they travel with your belongings.

We have it Locked Down

Once the truck is filled with your belongings, it is secured until it is unloaded at your destination. No chance of lost items or vehicle swapping.

The brightest and best

Long-distance excursions are only sent out by our most experienced movers. They keep you informed at every stage of the procedure.

In us,’ You got a Friend’

You should use movers who are nearby rather than those who are hundreds of miles away when moving big distances. We are here for you if anything goes wrong.

Our Long-distance Moving Services Also Include Temporary Storage, Long-term Storage, and Carryover Storage.

  • Services for packing and unpacking
  • Sale of premium packaging materials
  • Moving pianos and other specialised goods (e.g. hot tubs, gun safes)
  • Taking in and taking out (using high-quality furniture moving quilts and materials)
  • Taking apart and reassembling furniture
  • Putting things in place and moving things to your new place
  • Full Value Defense (FVP)
  • pleasant and knowledgeable staff

The Top 7 Long Distance Moving Firms

Here are our top suggested long-distance moving firms, based on thorough research:

International Van Lines: Best Full-service Van Line Overall Interstate Moving & Relocation Group: Most Effective JK Moving Services: Most Customizable Full-service Mover American Van Lines: Most Experienced Moving Labor Mover

long distance moving cost

Worldwide Van Lines

Our Opinion: Best Full-Service Mover Overall

Our score was 86 out of 100.

50 states are available as states.

A local and international transportation firm, International Van Lines (IVL), was established in 2000.

IVL, a well-known firm for long-distance removals, offers packing and unpacking services, automobile transportation, loading and unloading services, and speciality services for sensitive objects like pianos and antiques. Customers who want a moving company to manage every aspect of their relocation should choose International Van Lines.

Cons and Benefits

Produces specialised containers for transporting TVs and electrical equipment Has useful information regarding industry-standard prices, such stair flight fees, on their website has received recognition for its customer service from Newsweek magazine.

Uses third-party movers in Utah, Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Montana; Motorcycles are subject to higher-than-average rates ($350) and bulky goods ($150 apiece


For a move from Atlanta to Chicago, we asked for a moving estimate for a two-bedroom apartment or home. The price range was $2,015–3,445. This includes having International Van Lines employees load and operate the moving truck on your behalf. Get a free IVL quotation right now.

Allied Van Lines

Our Opinion: Skilled Moving Labor

Our score was 86 out of 100.

Available States: 48 states (does not service Alaska and Hawaii)

American Van Lines is a national mover that was established in 1995 and is registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation, insured, and licenced.

The business provides full-service relocation for households, businesses, and the armed forces. American Van Lines employs legally binding estimates, in contrast to many other cross-country moving businesses.

Your pricing won’t change as long as you don’t add anything to your shipment after submitting your inventory. With this upfront, flat-rate pricing structure, there won’t be any unforeseen costs for hourly labour or travel on moving day.

Cons and Benefits

Offers fixed-rate quotations so there are no unforeseen fees.

Has a price-matching clause. According to the business, movers have an average of 10 years of expertise.

No online pricing samples Requires a down payment that may range from 10% to 50% of the entire price.


American Van Lines does not give online moving estimates. The business calculates that a transfer from Miami to New York City for a two-bedroom apartment (or 6,000 pounds) would cost around $5,286 based on the typical price of such migrations. Request a free AVL quotation.

State-wide Moving and Relocation Company

Our Opinion: Most Effective

Our score was 66 out of 100.

50 states are available as states.

Since Interstate Moving & Relocation Group (IMRG) is a broker rather than a moving company, it links clients with independent movers in its network. After you submit an online inventory form, IMRG will search its network for a business that meets your requirements.

IMRG will provide you firm information, a price estimate, and a relocation contract. If the pricing is acceptable to you, you may digitally sign the agreement and schedule your relocation without ever making a phone conversation. However, you may call IMRG and ask for help negotiating a cheaper moving price, and the business will do it for you.

Cons and Pros

To connect you with the finest moving business, the firm: prescreens all third-party movers in its network; provides military discounts; and includes a useful inventory checklist.

Does not support local movements has no weekend customer service available

Cost IMRG estimated that moving a three-bedroom house from Atlanta to Boston in the early spring would cost around $9,700. Get a free estimate from IMRG.

What Affects a Long Distance Move’s Cost?

The total cost of a long-distance transfer is affected by a variety of variables. Some of the more prevalent ones are listed below.


The majority of movers base their quotes on the distance between your existing residence and the new one. This is done to calculate the additional miles added to moving vehicles as well as the expense of paying a driver for more than one day of travel. Additionally taken into account are gas and any toll fees.

This implies that the longer your long-distance relocation, the more expensive it will be—with a few notable exceptions.

Your Move’s Size

The amount of weight carried to the moving vehicle as a whole is how moving firms commonly gauge the magnitude of a move. Typically, a one-bedroom apartment will cost less than a three-bedroom house since the former has more furnishings than the latter.

Donating, selling, or throwing away any outdated furniture or household items before requesting an estimate from a moving company is one approach to minimise the size of your long-distance relocation.

Your Move Date

The busiest months for the moving business are April through September. Costs might be higher during this busy period since manpower and vehicles are scarcer. Costs may vary depending on the day of the week you relocate. Since weekends are the busiest moving days, planning your long-distance move earlier in the week may help you save money.

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Further Services

Many useful add-on choices for packing and loading are provided by full-service firms, but these extra services are not free. Make sure you discuss the cost of add-on services with a moving company representative since vehicle shipment, short- and long-term storage, and even extra contents protection insurance may have a big influence on your basic pricing.

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