What Is the How Long Do Emos Live Trend, and Are These Findings Reliable?

Do Emos Live

Another iteration of the “How Long Do They Live” meme now rules Tiktok.

Another day, another meme or joke on the internet. This new meme makes me think of the Tiktok meme that asked, “How Long Do Idiots Live?,” to which the response was, “Idiots Only Live for 12–15 Years.” In a similar spirit, “How Long Do Emos Live,” the most current craze to take across Tiktok, is being hailed as yet another amusing meme. You shouldn’t allow yourself to get confused.

What exactly is the purpose of this new meme, in which the question is left unaltered but the word “Emo” is added? You may get answers to each and every question by continuing to read.

What Is the Trend in How Long Do Emos Live?

Simply said, internet users on Tiktok are looking up “How Long Do Emos Live?” the same as the previous poll’s inquiry, “How long do dumb people live?”

So let me explain emo to you if you’ve never heard of it. Emotionally intense, sensitive, and angry people are referred regarded as having emo personalities.

Someone who sports an outfit that includes short jeans, tight t-shirts, and dyed black hair, among other things. an emotional or sensitive individual. The responses to the posts made by Tiktok users utterly caught them off guard.

When and by Whom Did This Trend Start?

Even while the exact origins of the phony Google search are unknown, one potential starting point is the typical lifetime of a Shiba Inu, a dog of the same breed as Doge.

On March 8, 2021, the Instagram account dark iron gains published a video with a snapshot of Shiba Inu’s lifetime and a bodybuilder figure who appeared depressed about it. The meme that can be seen below received over 78,100 views and 16,000 likes over the period of a year.

On July 9, 2021, a TikTok user named girly violet0 uploaded a video with a fake screenshot of a Google search for “how long do idiots live?”

Who you going to be sending this to was another line of text that appeared in the video. The video that can be seen below received over 270 likes and almost 13,200 views over the course of eight months. It represents the first known occurrence of this pattern.Do Emos Live

How Long Does an Emo Live?

The web browser claims that an Emo’s lifespan typically ranges from 10 to 13 years. Some have hypothesized that the range for the answer is 12 to 15, 10 to 20, or 12 to 17.

It may be feared by some that those who identify as “Emos” will perish if the solution is disclosed, however, this is untrue.

Common sense tells us that we shouldn’t embrace the funny memes that are circulating on Tiktok since they are only intended to be a source of amusement.

Why Are Some People Against Emos?

People who identify as emos are typically thought of as disturbed teens who detest everything. However, this is not the circumstance. The majority of people who identify as emos are just sensitive people who express their emotions via music, painting, and other kinds of creativity.

While some kids do identify as emos, it’s crucial to remember that this group comprises a comparatively tiny fraction of the emo community as a whole. And that the great majority of us are genuinely kind people who are just more sensitive to our emotions than what are considered to be “normal people.”

You should proceed with caution if you make a joke about an emo’s despair since some people could find it offensive. But not every person who calls himself an emo experiences this.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Terrified

Furthermore, you shouldn’t be afraid to be emo because it may help you reduce stress and improve your self-esteem. Since our emotions are ultimately what make us human, strive to understand and cooperate with them instead of fighting against them.

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Are These Findings Reliable?

An accurate Google search result for an emo’s anticipated lifespan is tough to come by. Why do emos typically live such long lives?

The opinions appear to vary from video to video, but the general belief is that emo has a maximum life expectancy of about 20 years

Because “emo” isn’t a legitimate word to describe a person, you can’t truly Google an emo’s lifespan. The viewers of the video are all utilizing fake search engine results.

Additionally, it’s unclear from the videos if emo persons have a reduced life expectancy or just grow out of their phase after a set period of time. Deep feelings and a preference for black as an aesthetic are not killers to the wearer’s lifetime.

Therefore, if you see any of these movies, don’t take them seriously. Since “emo” is often exclusively used to describe a musical style (as opposed to a certain sort of person), the Google search is plainly inaccurate.

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