What is the Hallway app? How Do I Install and Use the Hallway Chat App?

Hallway app

Do you dislike working from home? Do you miss the team’s joy and feel alone sometimes? Apps like Hallway chat have been developed as a result of long-term remote working during the epidemic.

You may ask for hallway chat for Microsoft teams as well as add it straight to Slack. Hallway chat is absolutely free while using Slack.

Why use the Hallway App?

Kunal Jasty and Parthi Loganathan started the hallway. From the time the idea was originally conceived until the first user was added, it took only four days to complete.

At major organisations like IBM, Nextdoor, Salesforce, Coursera, etc., more than 900 teams have used the Hallway chat platform. The Wall Street Journal and TechCrunch have both covered Hallway. The hallway has made a remote

Features of the app Hallway Chat

Features available in the hallway include:

How can I install the app for Hallway?

How to use hallway?

For Hallway, there is no front-end. In Slack, everything is user-ended. This pertains to the user interface for settings, the login procedure, and the onboarding experience. The bot automatically creates break rooms thanks to the Hallway app.

You can invite the Hallway bot to Slack channels when the Slack direct message onboarding instructions have been given.

You may do this by using the command “/invite@hallway” on a channel. This inserts the channel automatically. Additionally, it may be activated by typing “/hallway on.” Finally, you may type “/hallway” to customise the app.

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stairway pricing

Use of Hallway Chat for only two Slack channels is free. Only five timed video conversations may be held when utilising the free service. The service must be improved for scaled usage. Hallway provides two different price ranges.

For $30 a month, the Team price option is available. In addition to delivering lengthy discussions, it provides scheduled, repeating video breaks. There is also a free trial period of seven days. Additionally, it provides limitless video chat rooms directly through Hallway, Zoom, or a Google Meet connection.

In addition, it enables chat scheduling, working hour setting, and the creation of weekly analytics reports. An additional $2 must be spent each month to add new channel members.

Customers must contact in order to receive personalised services.

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