What is the Vegeta Cult, Tiktok 2022? Why Do All People Have Green Jacket Profile Photos

vegeta cult

The sudden appearance of green jackets in everyone’s profile pictures has many users of TikTok scratching their heads in bewilderment. As a result, thousands of individuals have joined the so-called “Vegeta Cult.”

TikTok has become the new home for the internet’s most famous trends, which means that anything from life hacks to memes to life hacks to dances has the potential to become highly popular on the platform.

However, the “cult” movement was one of the most bizarre things the app had ever seen. Everyone who wishes to join a TikTok cult will need to alter their display name and modify their profile picture to a recognized image that is considered to be the most accurate representation of the organization when it first appears.

After that, they start following everyone else who is active, which may encourage more people to follow suit. Those who have followed these trends have grabbed the attention of thousands upon thousands of followers.

The Lana Cult, in which participants used the same meme picture of singer Lana Del Rey as their profile photo, is where a large number of people first became aware of the cult movement. Shortly after this, a variety of other groups, like the Hamster Cult, came into being.

The Vegeta Cult: A Brief Explanation

This past week, if you looked through TikTok, you almost certainly saw a bunch of posts on your “For You Page” that were related to the Vegeta Cult.

The definition of a cult is “a group that shares a similar interest,” and the Vegeta Cult is just that: a gathering of people who worship Vegeta with a fiery zeal.

In the event that you are unfamiliar with him, Vegeta is a fictional anime character that appears in the Dragon Ball series. This series consists of books, movies, and television episodes. In 1984, Akira Toriyama laid the groundwork for the series he would later create.

It is common knowledge that he is not just one of the most renowned individuals in the Dragon Ball franchise, but also in the whole anime subgenre. He is a member of the Saiyan race, an extraterrestrial breed of warriors known on Earth as a royal family.

vegeta cult

It seems that a user with the handle @ vegetatard was the one who started the Vegeta Cult back in June. Since then, the Vegeta Cult has grown to become one of the biggest “cults” TikTok has ever seen.

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The Vegan Movement is the Undisputed Leader in Social Media

The Vegeta Cult strives to accomplish one thing and one thing alone. conquer social media!

After altering your profile picture and becoming a member of the “cult,” you are required to make repeated posts on social media platforms about the Vegeta Cult in order to get other people to join.

The primary objective of the so-called “cults” on TikTok is to seize control of the app and confuse everyone, and they have been quite successful in achieving this aim!

Vegeta is Perhaps One of the Most Well-known Characters in the History of Anime.

It is not completely illogical for Vegeta to seize control of TikTok in the manner that he has done so. He has established himself as one of the most known personalities in the whole world of anime because of his role as an antihero who often makes pompous and superior statements.

Many people believe that since the show’s primary character, Goku, is so noble and good-natured, Vegeta will be able to provide it with the edge it so much needs.

Anime characters have already begun to take over TikTok, and it’s possible that Vegeta won’t be the last one to do so. Anime fans are a vocal community that is often anxious to show off how enthusiastic they are about the medium.

Although Vegeta is one of the most well-known anime characters, there are a great many other characters that anime fans may gather to support in order to launch a takeover of TikTok.

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Here’s How You Can Become a Member of the Vegeta Cult and Tweak Your Pfp

In order to become a member of the Vegeta Cult, the new picture you upload to your profile must include an anime character wearing the distinctive green “SAB” jacket that Vegeta wears. We may count ourselves fortunate that there are already pictures available online showing a wide variety of personalities wearing the clothing.

You won’t need to make any changes to your profile picture until you’ve chosen a character to represent you.

Since you have already joined the Vegeta Cult in its official capacity, the only thing that remains for you to do is to keep talking about it on your various social media sites. These statements are meant to attract potential new members to the cult in order to expand its membership base.

As one of its primary goals, every noteworthy TikTok subculture has one of its primary goals to seize control of the app and perplex users who have not yet fully embraced the trend. This strategy seems to be successful up to this point.

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