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Current estimates place the number of users on Tiktok at close to a billion. Being well-known on Tiktok is the next best thing for Generation Z, who are all over the platform.

However, not everyone has relied on legitimate methods of success. Some people also use bots to make their postings more popular.

Zefoy Update has gained a lot of popularity since it uses bots that are installed on your Tiktok account to operate.

Bots may carry out routine actions on social media platforms including like, commenting, viewing, sharing, and adding followers to your website.

Zefoy’s main feature and the reason it is so well-liked by users is that, unlike other bots, it doesn’t need you to register into your account to get likes, shares, and comments.zefoy

How Can I Obtain TikTok likes/followers on

Make sure you aren’t relying just on to get followers. Since it uses bots to generate followers, there is a potential Tiktok may take action to stop your usage of bots, and banning your account is one possibility. To get TikTok followers, likes, and comments for, follow the methods listed below.

  • Connecting your machine to an active internet connection can help you get followers or likes on TikTok with
  • Open via any internet browser.
  • Fill up your Tiktok ID after choosing the package for your Tiktok account (from followers, hearts, likes, and comments).
  • Press the OK button, then wait a while.
  • You must enter the total number of followers you wish to get if you’re wanting to increase your Zefoy following.
  • When the TikTok LIKES start to display on your TikTok site, click the generator button.

Can I Trust

Use of is completely secure. It is only a website that generates bot-based followers, likes, and comments for your website.

Is Functional?

In fact, numerous people have already used it to increase their following, likes, and views, and it works well.

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Actually, you may get followers, likes, views, and comments on Tiktok without logging into your account.


To avoid the Tiktok administrators banning your site, make sure you already have a sizable number of followers.

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