Url Redirects Zinmanga Fans to Topmanhua


Zinmanga’s redirection of manga lovers to TopManhua left many perplexed; what had become of the popular website?

Zinmanga enthusiasts have been searching for their cherished manga lists for the last 12 hours after the website emailed them TopManhua, which meant that their comic collections were no longer there.

Since Zinmanga’s official account has gone quiet, Twitter has been filled by readers seeking to discover answers who have been unsuccessful.

Why Did Zinmanga.com Arrive?

Overnight, Zinmanga disappeared, and readers are being directed to TopManhua instead.

There have been changes to more than just the website’s appearance, as seen by the instant changing of the Zinmanga URL to topmanhua.com.

Unfortunately, there has been no explanation for the decision, leaving fans in the dark and angry since their recordings have been destroyed.

Website Change

One supporter speculated that Top Manhua may have acquired Zinmanga’s URL after its registration had expired.

Although it’s conceivable that the latter is the proprietor of Zinmanga, redirection happens when a website is set up to send visitors to a different domain. You don’t have to be the owner of the new URL, however; you may reroute to any website of your choosing, even Google.

The good news is that Zinmanga’s URL is still active, but you can no longer access their content. This means that they are free to halt the redirection at any time and resume allowing visitors to their original website.

A blank page with the message “This site can’t be visited” would be shown to readers if Zinmanga’s address were entirely removed.

There are two possible types of redirections: 301 or 302.

If the owner doesn’t plan to use the original URL again—in this example, Zinmanga—a 301 refers to a permanent redirect.

The second, 302, refers to momentary reroutings while the website is undergoing extensive maintenance.

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Alternatives to Zinmanga

Here are some more options because we don’t know if and when there will be a comeback:

  • 1stkissmanga
  • manhuasy
  • manga68
  • mangarockteam
  • mangabob
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