Trinkets Season 3 Confirmed News: Will There Be Another Season?

Trinkets Season 3

Netflix teenage dramas are the new normal among the fans. As the OTT platform has been releasing some of the mind-blowing series, there is no doubt why shows like Never Have I ever and Sex education series are such famous ones. It’s not like teenage dreams are never famous. After Netflix came up with some of the best of them, we started to majorly focus on these rom-com dramas. Out of them, Trinkets is one of those Netflix series that is also popular and holds such an important palace when it comes to the priority list of the audience. The series has been running since 2019 and has been an amazing run. As the show progressed, the fans are constantly wondering whether the Trinkets Season 3 will be an option for Netflix or not. 

After the teen-drama acquire massive popularity, the genre is getting a lot of recognition from the world. After the huge success, many platforms started to develop series based on them. When it comes to Netflix, they have some of the amazing shows to be watched. If you are craving to have some teen drama on Netflix then Trinkets could be your series. 

So far, the series has released 2 seasons and with the last season having ended, some people are still trying to figure out if the showrunners would be releasing Trinkets Season 3 or not? Continue reading this article if you are one of those people. We’ll give you some of the amazing updates regarding the show and its upcoming seasons in detail. 

Trinkets: Know Everything About it!

trinkets season 3

Trinkets is an American teen-drama show that was initially released June 14, 2019. Based on the popular novel by  Kirsten Smith which shares the same name, the series got on the board. 

Created by Smith, Amy Andelson, and Emily Meyer, this series got its amazing slot when it got on Netflix. With an amazing storyline and powerful performance by the cast, the series has everything that any teen drama is craving for. After the dynamic Season 1 release, the show makers instantly renewed the show for its Season 2. 

Starring Brianna Hildebrand, Kiana Madeira and Quintessa Swindell as the main lead, who are the three best friends and share some of the different personalities but still are quite the same with their personal life problems. As the show features the friendship and bond, we all get attached to the cast and their not-so happy life. Being a teen-drama, this series focuses on the daily lives of the kids who face quite a difficult time coping up with some of the things that we may find quite normal. 

Moreover, the popularity of the show rose and it received great appreciation and feedback by both the critics and the audience. Will it mean that there would be Trinkets Season 3? Lets dig more to find more useful information.  

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Trinkets Season 3 Confirmed: Is It Happening?

trinkets season 3

After the release of the Season 2, the fans have been in a constant wonder if there will eb Trinkets Season 3. As the show has already been a favorite choice among the fans, it was quite obvious that the show makers could have released another season. There were a lot of things left to be clear like the college life of these girls and so on. 

Moreover the show has great ratings and feedback that have significantly increased over the Seasons. After the end of Season 2, there was a sudden gap. 

For all those people who have been thinking that there would be another chapter of this story, sadly there isn’t. The Season 3 of Trinkets has been officially canceled after the show makers have announced it. It concludes that Trinkets is only a two seasons show, with Season 2 being the last and final season of it. 

As the novel also directs the limited story and there isn’t much to cover after the story ends. Trinkets ended quite gratefully and the final wrapped was quite great. I don’t think that it would be quite justice to release more seasons as the Novels have only limited chapters. Netflix has tried to keep it down by Releasing only two seasons that have been limited to the available source material.

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Trinkets Season 3 Plot: What will be the Story all about?

Trinkets series follows the life of three highschool girls who met each other coincidently in the same high school. Staring Elodie Davis (Brianna Hildebrand), Moe Truax (Kiana Madeira), and Tabitha Foster (Quintessa Swindell), these three girls found each other after the Shoplifters happens and each of them got to know that there are other people who shares the same problem with them. The Anonymous meeting has led each of them to explore and find each other subsequently. 

As the time passes by, we came across these three girls, who share completely different personalities but still are quite similar when it comes to their problems and experiences. 

As the show progressed we saw a bunch of incidents that could have made the show turn into more interesting. 

If there would be Trinkets Season 3, it would again direct us to the story of these three girls and will make their life journey a little more exciting. 

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Trinkets Season 3 Cast: Who is Going to be in It?

trinkets season 3

Starring three best friends in the show, Elodie Davis (Brianna Hildebrand), Moe Truax (Kiana Madeira), and Tabitha Foster (Quintessa Swindell), who are the main lead of the story and the show revolves majorly around their lives. 

Talking about the cast, if there will be a Trinkets Season 3, every three of them would be reporting to recast back in the show. Fans loved these three girl-best friends and I think it wouldn’t be the best decision to not have them back. As [er the report, there are no updates regarding the renewal status of Season 3 so we’ll hold that here. 

Brianna Hildebrand is playing the role of Elodie Davis, who has social anxiety and a socially-awkward girl. She is a kleptomaniac teen girl who has recently moved out from her native home New Mexico to portland. After her mother dies, her father asks her to stay with them and as she comes to the complete new home, with her still-unknown father and her new partner, she feels a lot of awkwardness along. Along with that, her relations with the step-siblings don’t get along and we’ll see our little girl finding it hard to keep a good relationship with her only dad. 

As the show progresses, we’ll see another character, Kiana Madeira as Moe Truax. An intelligent Teen-Girls who shares great interest in Academics. She is from quite a rich family and financially rich status takes quite a lot of attention in the school. But things also get dark side after her father’s criminal background, who is currently missing and this makes her life kinda tough. She still has a great connection with her only two best friends. More than that, her mother is quite great and her bond is still worth watching. 

Talking about the last one in the group, Quintessa Swindell, who is playing the character of Tabitha Foster. Like Elodie, she is also a kleptomaniac and financially rich. She is so concerned about her identity and her satisfaction. Having a lot of doubts in her mind, she still got her two friends which makes her life kinda easy. 

As all the three of them are facing several problems, we see that these three girls still got each other other than that, there is quite an additional character in the series that has worked. 

What do you think regarding the series? Are you waiting for the show to get renewed? Comment down your thoughts regarding this popular Netflix’s series and get all the recent updates about it. Follow Blogsjunction and get more updates.


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