Tokyo Raven Season 2 Confirmation News: Is It CONFIRMED?

Tokyo Raven Season 2

No wonder Tokyo Raven is one of the popular Japanese anime series that have not only been a popular show for the netizens but also across the world. The show has such great content to watch and that makes it a perfect anime series to get another season. With only one season of the show released, fans have been wondering if they will ever witness Tokyo Raven Season 2. 

There have been speculations that the series would definitely return with another chapter. With such a great story and the progressive story to tell, I am confirmed that there are many people who want to watch another installment of the series. 

Based on the Japanese manga series that shares the same name, the light novel was first introduced in 2006 and ends in 2014. Similar manga was published in 2010 and ends its serialization in 2017. 

Within the three years, the Eight Bit studio covered the show and produced the anime out of it. With the manga already famous around the world, the fans are already excited to watch the series. Soon after the show was premiered, fans witnessed the amazing show. Not only this but the viewers increased as the show started to come up with more episodes. 

With the first season ending on a major cliffhanger, there were already suspicions that the studio would release another season. As I am highly doubtful on this topic but as the fans have already been on the run, the sensitive topic begins to pull up every year. With the show being famous, there are pretty chances that it would have another season. Without much delay, here is everything you need to know about Tokyo Raven Season 2.

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Tokyo Raven: What is it?

Tokyo Raven Season 2

For all those fans who are new to this anime series, it is so important for you to find out what this show is actually about. Tokyo Raven is a Japanese anime series that features Tsuchimikado Natsume as the main lead. 

The show was initially released on 9 October 2013 and ended the first season in 2014. Following the supernatural genre, which was already very popular at that time, we came across Natsume, a young boy who had been born in the royal Onmyoji household. But since he was born, he hasn’t witnessed his” spirit energy” and has been living his simple life. 

Being a teenage boy, his life mostly follows high school and his friends. But his calm life came to existence when some of the illegal people were trying to take his family and households into their hands. The story starts with the battle of the ownership which soon follows the existence of the main protagonist’s superpowers. With such a hideous chapter 1, fans are super excited if the series is ever going to release another chapter. 

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Tokyo Raven Season 2: Is the Anime Confirmed?

Tokyo Raven Season 2

Tokyo Raven has been one of the most amazing anime series that have run for a short time. No wonder fans have loved the supernatural and action anime that share an amazing story, but Tokyo ravens have some different things that made the people attracted towards it. 

Moreover, The first season of the series has seen great graphs and the hike of the ratings and the viewership have significantly increased over the years. As a matter of fact, fans have been constantly thinking that there could be another chapter. 

With the tons of content available on the light novel and the manga series, it would not be a big burden for the studio to come up with the story. The availability of the source material would never be an excuse to not have another season. 

But it’s been 8 years since the show was last released. Any anime series that has the potential to have another season could have been released within such a time gap. But on the other hand, we know that the anime has an unpredictable future. A show could be renewed before the release of the season and some took almost 1 or 2 decades to renew their series. If you are one of those big anime geeks, you would understand my words. 

With no official statement from the officials, I highly doubt that the show will get renewed this time. Getting Tokyo Raven Season 2 is currently the most unrealistic thing. 

The officials have not confirmed or canceled the series and it’s been almost 8 years since the show is out on a hold. Fans are still waiting for the confirmation but I am confirmed that it is not going to happen anytime soon.

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Tokyo Raven Season 2: When is it Going to be released?

Tokyo Raven Season 2

So far, the officials have not said a word regarding the Season 2 of the anime series. Tokyo Raven Season 2 is neither canceled nor confirmed. It would be hard to predict the future of such shows which have hardly been on the news. The studio is already busy with their other projects. 

If the show runners get enough time to think about the anime series maybe we could get another season. However, the possibility of getting another season is negligible. 

For all those people who have been waiting for a release date, unfortunately there is no release date. Even the light novels have been wrapped up and there is no manga for 8 years. There was the anime adaptation and surely it is popular, but the studio didn’t get as much profit as it was expected. 

Concluding all these things, the show has been on average and due to its averageness it is not going to happen anytime soon. 

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