Tiktok’s “Car Dragon” Trend Uses a Soulja Boy Song.

car dragon

TikTok who took part in the “Dragon Car” challenge are shocked by the results, and many of them are confused as to why.

Because of its cheery tune, the song that was utilized in it has also become popular.

You may find all the information you need about the most current Car Dragon challenge’s soundtrack here.

The Tiktok Car Dragon Challenge: What Is It?

One constant on TikTok is the users’ sharing of their reactions to different trends and challenges.

But in order to finish the Car Dragon task, you must do some study. In essence, the trend contrasts how people felt before and after looking up Car Dragon online.

Some people may find the task challenging since there is no deeper significance to this than what is immediately seen. When you search for “Car Dragon” on Google Images, the most frequent results are pictures of dragons on or around vehicles.
However, the users seem as if they have just learned something new as they gaze surprised at the camera. One possibility is that a small number of photos on Google show animated dragons engaging in, to put it gently, horrific sexual experiences with vehicles.


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♬ оригинальный звук – харди и ева

Song on the Viral Trend: Revealed

Although the music in the background keeps you from hearing the trend, known as Car Dragon, TikTokers are wondering about whose creation it is.

Now that we are aware, Soulja Boy is the composer of the song that is now trending online. In 2009, Report Card became originally obtainable.

But its appeal has increased now that platform patterns are so pervasive. Report Card was first used on TikTok on February 2, 2022, by @Bebardii. The dog of the TikToker is seen opening and closing its lips in the short video in rhythm with the tunes.

The original TikTok has received more than 890,000 likes and has been seen by over 4.7 million people (March 29).

car dragon

“Report Card” Is Not the Only Example of the Pattern

Although it’s not quite clear how the two are related, the music for each of these videos is Soulja Boy’s song. It seems that one person used the song to start the trend, and the bulk of other people merely chose to copy them. Although TikTok may be great for discovering new artists, it can also be used to revisit an old favorite in a whole different context.

What Users of Tiktok Have to Say

Many TikTok users have said that they failed to see anything noteworthy about the trend and are having difficulty understanding its significance.

One individual said, “Help, all I see are cars with dragon prints on them.

Okay, I’m going to start being curious about it enough to test it out instead of just reading about it in the comments, said another.

In essence, it’s just a dragon on top of a car, as one user described it.

I can’t find anything, help, said another.

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The “Car Dragon” Craze is Totally Random.

Similar to many other recent TikTok phenomena, such as a brownie recipe that is posted in comments for no apparent reason, the “Car Dragon” craze is utterly random. There doesn’t appear to be any pattern or logic to the statement or the reactions that others have recorded to it. Instead, it seems to be a passing trend that is just popular for show.

These trends have been increasingly popular on TikTok over the last few weeks, and although some users may want trends to have a deeper meaning, it’s clear that others just want to have fun. If you like a good scuffle, the “Car Dragon” craze is definitely for you.

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