This Cancellation of Season 2 Does Not Sit Well With Me.

I'm Not Okay With This season 2

Given that season 1 of I’m Not Okay With This has been satisfying, would Netflix order a second season? If you are familiar with the first season of I’m ok with this, continue reading. The second season of I’m not alright with this may have left you wondering when it will return. Even more so, if this is the case, when will it be delivered, and what exactly will it cover?

Sorry, but I Can’t Accept That It Won’t Be Returning for a Second Season.

Even though viewers won’t be pleased, “I am not cool with this” will not be returning for a second season any time soon. The show debuted in February of 2020, leaving viewers hanging until the season finale to find out what Sydney had left behind.

There is terrible news for fans of the superhero dark comedy series who have been waiting for Sydney and the gang to return: there will not be a third season.

Despite the fact that wasn’t intended, the programme nonetheless succeeded. Even though “I am not alright with this,” starring Sophia Lillis, received positive reviews and a renewal for a second season within a month of its premiere, Netflix has opted to cancel the programme along with many others, including The Society. The unexpected news is that after just one season, the dark comedy has been cancelled.I'm Not Okay With This season 2

The Show’s Principal Actors and Actresses

Sydney Novak, portrayed by Sophia Lillis, is a 17-year-old girl who comes into her magical abilities. Played by Wyatt Oleff, Stanley “Stan” Barber is Sydney’s next-door neighbour and best friend. In the role of Sydney’s best friend and eventual love interest, Dina, played by Sofia Bryant, the audience is introduced to Sydney’s internal struggle as she struggles to overcome Kathleen Rose Perkins portrays Maggie Novak, Sydney’s grieving mother.

The Season 2 Plot Summary of I’m Not Okay With This

The series is a dark comedy American streaming television series based on the eponymous realistic book by Charles Forsman, who previously wrote Netflix’s The End of the F***ing World. I Refuse to Accept Sophia Lillis (IT, Gretel, and Hansel) plays Syd Novak, the protagonist youngster. Syd’s journey to comprehend not just her sexuality but also her paranormal skills is the focus of the story. Syd learns more history about her late father in the season 1 finale of I Am Not Okay with This, laying the stage for a violent Homecoming dance showdown.

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Netflix’s cancellation of “I’m not cool with this” begs the question: why?

Netflix has earned a reputation for providing addictive series that hook viewers with a strong narrative, but this may become problematic when the service is unable to keep up with the demand for new episodes.

Many viewers feel cheated when shows are cancelled before their stories have concluded. An excellent illustration of this is the decision to discontinue ‘Sense 8’. However, “I am not alright with this” follows the same pattern.

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