The Wizard of Oz Trick is One of Google’s Several Amusing Easter Eggs

wizard of oz trick

The Wizard of Oz is both a real film and a video game. In the movie, a magician accidentally discovers a location where a powerful witch is threatening the community, but he uses his magic to protect the community from the wicked witch. Google has included the fictitious tale The Wizard of Oz in its search engine as a means to entertain users. If you’re searching for directions for the Wizard of Oz Google Trick, you’re welcome on board. Continue reading to discover the best way to do it.

The “Wizard of Oz” Technique of Google

A nice little Google Easter Egg that has to do with the well-known 1939 film “Wizard of Oz” is the “Wizard of Oz” trick. Wonderful things occur when you click on a pair of Dorothy’s ruby shoes that appear on the search engine.

As the famous Judy Garland song “There’s no place like home” starts to play, Google starts to whirl like the iconic tornado scene. When you click the tornado icon, a house shows up on the screen before the image goes back to sepia.

The Wizard of Oz theme song then starts up again as the screen starts to whirl once more until Google starts up again.

How Do I Use The Wizard of Oz’s Google Trick?

  1. Enter “Wizard of Oz Google trick” into Google by going to this URL.
  2. Then a pair of brilliant ruby shoes will be shown on the right side.
  3. When you click on them, watch the prank begin. Make sure the sound is on!
  4. Touch the tornado to see the trick’s end and return your screen to normal.

Are Google’s Oz-inspired techniques still in use?

Yes. You might still see the trick. Simply enter “Wizard of Oz Google trick” into the search bar to access the game for free.

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Google’s Top 5 Easter Eggs

Here is our list of the best Google search hidden surprises on the internet. Hold on, Toto is taking us on a journey!

1. Start out with barrel rolling.

This trick is easier than the Wizard of Oz trick, which is awesome. To begin, just type “do a barrel roll” into Google. Your whole screen will start rotating after that in a feat that seems to be possible only for computer programmers.

 2. Askew

Weird! Therefore, if you go to Google and type “askew” into the search area, your whole screen will be slightly… out of alignment. Because of this, I get a very strange sensation of dread.

But those of us who don’t mind things being out of place will probably appreciate the tilt.

3. Beam Me Up

When you ask Google’s voice search to “beam me up Scotty,” it will reply, “I cannot do that, Captain. I am not in charge.

The Nicki Minaj album results were just sent to me.

4. Kevin Bacon, You Do Know Who He Is?

“Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” is a well-known video game. Players compete to connect Kevin Bacon to any actor they choose at random in this party game.

The number of motion pictures separating them is known as their “degrees of separation” or “degrees of Kevin Bacon.”

Why is this crucial? By going to Google and entering the name of the celebrity along with the phrase “Bacon number,” you may get the distance between that celebrity and Kevin Bacon.

Try it. That worked when I just tried it. For some reason, I looked up Johnny Depp’s Bacon number, which is two.

5. Which Number Five Does The Fox Say?

Wow, this one is really awful. These movies make me wonder what has happened to our planet. Do artists nowadays need to engage in this to get noticed?

This is the disputed video. For this technique, ask “what does the fox say” using Google’s voice search. Then you’ll hear back. a response to a query I wasn’t even aware I needed to ask.

I hope today’s Google Easter Eggs entertained (and diverted) you!

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