The Online Application and Registration Procedure for the BOQ Yellow Card

boq yellow card

In the Philippines, the Bureau of Quarantine primarily works on polio and yellow fever immunization campaigns. However, they are also involved in giving a yellow card to travelers leaving the Philippines in light of the recent COVIID pandemic. For a long period, travel was limited to the point of being halted. However, the BOQ Yellow card is being set up for those who wish to travel for work or pleasure now that the global pandemic drive has ended.

How can I submit an online BOQ yellow card application?

  • It is not possible to apply for a yellow card online and have your application processed. This is not how it works; in fact, you can schedule an appointment by completing an online form.
  • You may choose a place from the Bureau of Quarantine’s website.
  • You can select the COVID-19 International Certificate of Vaccination after entering your email address.
  • Select a time and day when you will be available for your appointment.
  • Add supporting documentation to the space provided. This can include your photo ID, passport, local government unit certification, and national ID card.
  • Pay P300 plus P70 in convenience charges in order to confirm an appointment.
  • Send the form and print your application digitally while adding the reference number.BOQ Yellow Card

How can I register for a BOQ yellow card?

The following stages make up the yellow card registration procedure.

  • Enter the BOQ website and choose your location.
  • To schedule an appointment, choose the tab.
  • To continue with your application, click the I Agree on tab.
  • Select the tab for either the new or current application.
  • To finish the registration process, enter your nationality, name, email address, and mobile number. You must also confirm that you are not a robot before clicking the Submit tab.

boq yellow card

What guidelines apply to BOQ yellow cards?

You need a few necessary documents, such as;

  •  A valid ID card from the government
  • Passport No. 2
  •  Your immunization card
  •  A copy of your vaccination record that has been attested or signed.

How can I obtain a yellow BOQ card online?

  • By going to the provided website, you can schedule your appointment online.
  • Enter the email address after selecting your location.
  • Make an account for yourself and fill out the online appointment request form.
  • Send the application for approval together with the necessary papers attached.

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How can I schedule an online BOQ yellow card appointment?

  • Create a user account to register.
  • Fill out the application and submit it.
  • Include the necessary documentation.
  • Await the opening of your interview slot. You will get a notification via phone or mail.

Closing remarks

This information relates to the yellow card application. If you intend to apply, complete the process right away, then continue with your travel arrangements.

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