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The Killer Nurse

Fantastic filmgoers, have you seen Capturing the Killer Nurse? If not, and you’re interested in reading a review before deciding whether or not to see a film, you’ve found the right place. In this piece, we will discuss our thoughts on the film and how the audience reacted to it. Read this article for the full story. Please comment if you learned anything from this essay. In this regard, we greatly appreciate your feedback.

The film Capturing the Killer Nurse, set to be released in 2022, is about the investigation into serial killer Charles Cullen and how police were able to piece together his pattern of killing patients while he was employed as a nurse in American hospitals and nursing homes. The film is directed by Tim Travers Hawkins, who also co-wrote the script with Robin Ockleford.

What Is the Point of This Film?

Charlie Cullen was a veteran RN at Somerset Medical Center in New Jersey, and he was widely respected and liked by his peers. One of the most prolific serial killers in history, his body count may have reached the hundreds across several hospitals in the Northeast.

Based on Charles Graeber’s best-selling book The Good Nurse, which was dramatized in a Netflix film starring Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne and released this fall, comes a new documentary from Emmy-nominated director Tim Travers Hawkins (XY Chelsea) that reveals the dark history behind Cullen’s secret.

Criticism From Viewers Of “Capturing The Killer Nurse”

It’s shocking to hear that Cullen’s case was passed around from institution to institution, whether it’s acted out or presented as journalism.

Capturing the Killer Nurse by Tim Travers Hawkins isn’t likely to interest anyone outside of true crime fans, and that’s because viewers can instead watch Lindholm’s [The Good Nurse], a far superior dramatization of the same material.

Despite his flaws, Loughren is still a fascinating protagonist. The police are biassed, as is the documentary’s “star,” whose voice we hear on tape (courtesy of Graeber’s extensive interviews with him).

Feeling sickened by the prospect of capturing the Killer Nurse… It’s the kind of exploitative sub-basic-cable true crime dreck that suffocates us with overwrought wordless reenactments and ominous music, and the feeling only grows as the film progresses.

The documentary Capturing the Killer Nurse is riveting and horrifying because it reveals not only the serial killer but also the misconduct of the hospital administration.

What to Do About the Killer Nurse?

As soon as the audio starts, Charles Cullen’s voice can be clearly heard. Charles Cullen, a former nurse, has admitted to killing a small number of patients with drugs while working in a hospital, and he is suspected of killing hundreds more. This audio clip features his actual voice, and he justifies his actions by saying he was acting mercifully. ‘At times, all I could do was try to alleviate their pain,’ he continues. Refuse to agree.

After that is “MARCH 2003, SOMERVILLE, NEW JERSEY,” which serves as the next line. Cullen has worked at Somerset Medical Center before. He called himself and two other intensive care unit nurses, Donna Hargreaves and Amy Loughren (Chastain’s character in The Good Nurse), the “three musketeers.”

Loughren and Hargreaves can vouch for Cullen’s expertise, experience, and bedside manner, as well as how much he made them laugh. Cullen and Loughren’s connection was strengthened when Loughren revealed to him that she had been keeping her cardiomyopathy a secret from her employers in order to keep her health insurance and provide for her daughters. Loughren chimes in, “I always felt he was the guy who was bullied.”

After investigating the tragedy, police officers Danny Baldwin and Tim Braun ran afoul of the hospital’s “risk management” official. The doctor initiates a backtracking process, visiting Cullen’s previous workplaces (nine hospitals and a nursing home). We talk to a nurse who worked with Cullen in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and who now believes he may have killed as many as 40 people. We also meet the niece of a lady he may have killed in the mid-1990s.

On the whole, The Good Nurse is a more faithful adaptation of Loughren’s work. Netflix has more than enough Richard Ramirez, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Ted Bundy’s real crime serial killer programs to keep you occupied for weeks.

Loughren is a consistent, honest voice who insists that Cullen was killing for no other reason than that he enjoyed it, and certainly not out of any sick sense of compassion for his sick victims. At one point, when Loughren confronted Cullen about his conduct, she stated of his face, “It wasn’t darkness, it wasn’t a monster, it was just nothingness.” The film’s trailer is also available for viewing on this site.

Capturing the Killer Nurse: Reviews

Everybody takes the show’s rating into account when making a decision. If a show is popular with viewers, it is more likely to be renewed. As you progress in the ranks, your chances of success increase. Rotten Tomatoes users gave the show a respectable 67%, and IMDb users gave it a remarkable 6.4/10.

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