The God Of High School 2: Confirmed Or Cancelled?


With the popularity of Japanese anime getting more advanced, many other countries are also stepping into the game. We already know how anime is taking over the world and in this time, it becomes pretty obvious to not get into this amazing world. There are already tons of anime series available, which are different genres that fit everyone. Many other countries are also liking the idea of anime series and that’s why every day we hear about any new anime. Recently, The God Of The High School is getting into viewers’ minds. Fans have already watched the very first season of this anime and are wondering if there will be The God Of High School 2 or not. 

Daily, tons and tons of anime get released on different platforms and Crunchyroll, the biggest anime hub for all the anime lovers has also seen releasing their own anime. In the middle of all, The God Of High School is one of the series that get recently released and is gaining limelight a lot. 

While many anime series are actually based on manga, now the webtoon has entered. As the craze for webcomics is getting more adverse, the anime series is also adapting it. Likewise, The God Of High School is also an adaptation of a South Korean webtoon that is written and illustrated by Yongje Park. 

The first cha[ter of the anime series is closed and soon after everything ends, fans are facing trouble to know if the series will get renewed or not? In this article, we’ll be talking about everything we know about The God Of High School 2. Stay till the end of this article to find everything. 

The God Of High School 2 Confirmed: Is it Happening or not?

The God Of High School 2 updates

After the first season of the anime was released in 2020, fans have accumulated the series and loved everything that it offers. The series follows the life of a 17-year teenage boy who is a martial art expert and living in Seoul. As the anime started to release more episodes of their anime, more fans started to watch it. 

Now the renewal of The God Of High School is dependent on several factors. As we know, any anime that has achieved massive success with its content has a high probability of getting another season. Another thing that makes these anime series more famous is their storyline. 

Talking about it, the anime ended on a cliffhanger and it seems like there is enough story to leave unsaid. There are a lot of things that need to be talked about before the anime actually ends. 

Moreover, The God Of  High School 2 might happen as the webtoon is still processing and releasing chapters that are needed to be covered. There is enough source material for the creators to take and make it into another season. 

Unfortunately, there is no official announcement from the showrunners and the audience is waiting to hear about the series renewal status. Currently, the series is neither confirmed nor renewed but we expect that the series would get another season for sure. 

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The God Of High School 2 Release Date: When it is going to Release?

The God Of High School 2 updates

The first season of The God Of High School has 13-episodes where we see how Jin Mori, the main protagonist of the series gets immense power through birth, as the series moves further, we see how the mythical creatures and gods come into the tournament and things get quite wild there. 

There is enough evidence that makes the anime series get The God Of High School 2. Fans are also hoping to see another season of the series because they want to know what happens next. 

The officials have not delivered a single sentence regarding this issue and everyone is hoping to get at least the renewal news. Through unofficial sources, it came out that The God Of High School 2 is in progress. We also got to know through different websites that the action anime series will be released next year. 

The unofficial sources confirmed that The God Of The High School 2 will be released somewhere in 2022. 

While all these things still need to get a legal and official label to believe in, many fans have already made up their mind to believe this news. 

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The God Of High School 2 Plot: What will happen in the next season?

The God Of High School 2

The series centers around a 17-year high school kid living in Seoul. The main lead of the series is Jin Mori who is gifted with Martial arts skills since his birth. At the end of Season 1, we saw how the tournament happens and Taek becomes God. After that happens. He makes Mori and his friends released and also unlocks their superpowers. 

After this incident, Moria also gets to know that he is not any ordinary high school kid living in Seoul but actually a Great God Sun Wukong. Things get amazing and the viewer’s excitement also increases significantly. 

Moreover, Mori unlocked all his superpowers and also transformed himself into the god that is popularly known as Monkey king. With everything getting into his own powers, Jin along with his friends decided to fight in the tournament. He goes against Taek and ultimately defeats him in the match.

Everything seems fine at the DNS but there is another case that happens. As the story also reveals the life of Mori and several things after he got his superpower, there will be many things that are on the way. If there would be The God Of High School 2 we come to know about more monsters that come in the way of Jin. As the main lead already unlocks his superpower, fans are willing to see what happens in his high school. 

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