Steps To Reverse The Decision For Denied Application Of Sassa Benefits

Appeal for SASSA

After your first application is denied, you may apply for an SASSA reconsideration at any time. You may still apply for the R350 award even if your salary was zero the previous month.

Requests for reconsideration are being allowed since the award guarantees R350 to every jobless person throughout the epidemic. The applicant is qualified for the grant if they do not receive a social grant, UIF payment, or any other other source of income.

How Can I Appeal an Sassa Application That Was Rejected?

Enter your cellphone number after adding your ID number as proof that you are a citizen of South Africa.

  • Click the PIN-sending button.
  • After entering the PIN in the field provided after receiving it, click the submit tab.
  • The applicant must provide a specific justification for why they disagree with the judgement.
  • Include the most recent payment status and provide adequate documentation.
  • Within 15 days of the rejection date for the first application, the reapplication procedure must be completed.Appeal for SASSA

How to Check the Status of a Sassa Reconsideration Application?

  • Enter the South African ID number that has been authorised by the government.
  • Include your phone number.
  • Select “Send PIN” from the menu.
  • Put the mobile PIN in the designated spot as soon as you get it.
  • From here, it’s simple to monitor the progress of your application.

What Does Registered Sassa Mean?

The Unemployment Insurance Fund is designed to provide rewards to applicants who have registered with them. Instead of reapplying for an SASSA award, the candidates must follow up with UIF on their initial applications.

Why Was Sassa Refused After I Registered?

Many people have had their applications for SASSA grants rejected since they are already enrolled with UIF. UIF is a social grant, and they also provide R350 in compensation each month for six months. A person would not be eligible for an SASSA award if they are already enrolled in a UIF programme.

What Should I Do if My Srd Grant is Rejected?

You may appeal once more and explain why you’re reapplying for the money. Rejected applicants may reapply just once.

What Made Sassa Reject My Application?

If you can show that you had no income over the preceding months, SASSA will take your application into account. You must also demonstrate that throughout the required time you did not receive any social handouts from the government. Before deciding whether to award you the six-month grant, they would cross-check with all other social grant websites.

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How Long Does It Take to Decide on a Sassa Reconsideration Application?

30 days after the re-consideration application was received, the case decision will be rendered.


The SASSA award is intended to help the poor with their costs. It may assist in obtaining the family’s ration. Use this option sparingly and only if it is necessary. To learn about the requirements for eligibility and the situations in which you may reapply, see this article.

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