Spay India Introduces Phygital Platform | A New Way to Provide Facilities To Poor

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Spay India offers its Distributor & Retailer the chance to grow their company with Spay India. AEPs, Prepaid Mobile Recharge, Bill Payment, Online Money Transfer, Insurance, Travel, Bus Ticket Booking, and more are all offered by the expanding B2B portal Spay India. Users may complete all payments with one click on Spay India’s platform, which is highly practical and simple to use with clear instructions.

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Launching a digital platform, Spay India will help low-income communities with their banking requirements.spay india

A new platform to facilitate rural banking has been established, according to the fintech business Spay India. This platform will meet the demands of rural communities with reduced incomes.

While there has been significant progress in India’s digital economy, according to Spay, individuals in rural regions still lack the resources and know-how to conduct all transactions online. The system is known as phygital. They are setting up customer service locations close to the customers’ homes.

These physical locations would make it easier for low-income populations to use banking services including money transfers, micro ATM withdrawals using Aadhaar, booking tickets for flights, trains, and buses, etc.

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His approach opens up a wide range of opportunities for rural banking and is an extension of the digital India ideal. With its 30,000 network channels, the company has amassed a 16 million-customer service base in its first three years of existence. It said that they follow the StartUp India model.

The platform not only supports rural banking requirements but also works to combat unemployment and provide jobs. This is accomplished by giving network partners that work with customers commissions. According to the business, through digitising banking, its network partners have developed into micro-entrepreneurs who serve as a bridge between rural and urban India.

They want to expand their efforts to include the country’s southwest and south.

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