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The Gohenry app was primarily created and geared for kids. The primary goal of the software is to teach kids how to manage money. However, since June 14th, the Gohenry app has not functioned correctly. Don’t worry; we have the answer for you.

With more than 1.6 million clients between the ages of 6 and 18, Gohenry equips children with the knowledge necessary to manage, spend, and save money.

The nice aspect is that kids may also get their own debit cards. However, the debit card is linked to a programme that has a tonne of parental control tools.

The debit card and app not only make life simpler for kids, but they also greatly simplify life for parents.gohenry app

Why doesn’t the Gohenry App Function?

The Gohenry app does not just function in two or three situations.

The card may be blocked if the user has three times entered the incorrect password.

Your gadget may not function if it has certain problems.

The app may not display results if there is an internet problem.

Fix for App Not Working

Here is the one-stop solution for you if the Gohenry app isn’t functioning correctly, such as if you’re having problems with the white or black screen, logging in, or the app not launching.

Always double-check your login information, including your user name and password. Your card may now be banned if you go over the password trial limit.

You must now sign into the app. Then click “Card” Toggle “Pin”> Type the child’s password here: The pin will be visible.

Try clearing the app cache in the programme management settings if the Gohenry app won’t launch or function correctly.

Try reinstalling the app if this doesn’t fix the problem.

If you are seeing a black screen, it’s possible that the Gohenry servers are down. After a while, reopen the application.

Try contacting the customer care department at 03301007676 if none of these solutions seems to be helping you. Alternatively, you may email

How Can I Access Gohenry In The United Kingdom?

  • The same 4-digit mobile passcode may be used to log into the website and the app.
  • Therefore, a passcode that has to be set up is required in order to log in.
  • The parent account of the kid must be logged into.
  • You may choose Accounts & Settings and then choose the pencil symbol.
  • The parent PIN option appears next to the pencil symbol.
  • To use the passcode for subsequent logins, enter your password there and then click Save.
  • You may now log in whenever you need to using your email address and PIN.

How Is Gohenry Activated?

Both the parent and kid cards must be activated for the Gohenry cards to work.

You just need to click the activate card button on the Home screen to do this.

You may contribute money to both your and your child’s accounts, as well as finish the account setup by giving your child’s account access to certain tasks.

The chore lists could also include involving the younger brother or sister at home, walking the dogs, washing the dishes, picking up groceries, trimming the garden, and cleaning the room. Paying them additional money for doing each assignment can help your kid learn the value of money.

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Age Limit for Go Henry?

Children between the ages of 6 and 18 may use the Gohenry app.

Reviews for Gohenry

The software has received positive reviews thus far, and parents in particular are happy with the various parental options that seem to work both for the kid and in their favour.

Limiting money usage is quite simple, therefore parents depend significantly on the app to balance their control over their children’s spending with their daily financial demands.

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