Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4: Is It Officially Confirmed?

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4

Sailor Moon Crystal or Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal is a Japanese anime series that was initially released in 1991 for the first time. Anyone who is into the anime series would know that Sailor Moon is one of the popular anime series of the 90s. Even today, the characters of Sailor Moon are one of the most popular among the Japanese people and one of the most precisely used costumes among the japan. Soon after the series ends, fans are speculating about the Sailor Moon Season 4.

The anime was popularly known for its 90s theme. Sailor Moon Crystal is one among popular animation in japan and its craze has been diverted to other parts of the world. 

Produced by Toei Animation, Sailor Moon Crystal is named as one of the legendary anime series. Besides Sailor Moon Crystal, Toei Animation has produced some of the legendary shows and that’s another reason why the anime series acquires great heights. 

However, one thing that should be kept in mind is that, at that time, Toei Animation was not regarded as a famous animation series. They have only two shows, Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon Crystal. While these two anime were enough for the popularity of the whole studio. 

Another thing that needs to be kept in mind of the readers is that this is not the first time the anime got adapted, the anime got numerous adaptations. In this article, we’ll be talking about Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4.

Sailor Moon Crystal: Know Everything About it!

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4 Latest news

Sailor Moon Crystal is a Japanese anime series that was originally released during the 1990s era. At that time, numerous episodes and seasons of the anime series were premiered and fans loved whatever the Toei Animation had adapted. 

In the 1990s Toei Animation released Sailor Moon for the first time and the series was taken very well by the audience. Even the people outside Japan watched Sailor Moon and praised the show. The Animation runs for several months and then wrapped off. 

In 2014, Toei Animation again developed the series and created a reboot of their popular classic anime series named “Sailor Moon Crystal”. Audiences need to understand that “Sailor Moon” was actually the 1990s anime series and on the other hand, “Sailor Moon Crystal” is the reboot of the anime series. 

Following the story of Chibiusa, Mamoru, and Usagi, the reboot got a lot of appreciation and became famous among the weebs. Recently, the show has ended its third season and now fans are demanding the fourth part of the series. 

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Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4: Is it Coming Back?

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4 is a much-awaited anime sequel. With Toei Animation making a reboot of their popular series, the viewers have been gliding over the news articles to check all the updates. 

Recently, the studio has been recovering their old popular anime series back on the Screen. Talking about the studio and its journey over the decades, we know that the Anime studio has brought a lot of popular anime to us. Their graphic style and the direction behind the anime were some of the major reasons why we have shows like Dragon Ball Z and One Piece that got immense love from the people.

Looking at the Sailor Moon Crystal itself, the show officially premiered in 2014. Its third season of the anime series was aired in 2016 and was concluded in the same year. At that time, the show was a tremendous hit and even have the streaming rights to the popular OTT Channels. With worldwide popularity, the show wrapped its final ending. 

However, the final episode of the anime was left on a cliffhanger. With Chibiusa, Mamoru, and Usagi watching the Eclipse and one of them heard the bell ringing, the fans were left on a cliffhanger. This raises the question among the people regarding the possibility of season 4. 

Anyone who has watched the ending of the finale episode would be confused about the storyline. Since things ended pretty dramatically and fans have been willing to know the reason behind all these things. Also, the uncertain sound at the end was something super unusual. All these things made the viewers believe in the concept of Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4.

While the official still hasn’t announced Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4. But the fans are tuned in and believe that there will be another chapter to look for

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Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4: When is it going to be Released?

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4 News

The fourth part of the series is put on hold. The ending was pretty evident for the upcoming possibility of the story but still, the official media has not announced anything regarding the fourth season. 

The fourth installment of Sailor Moon Crystal is not officially announced. At the time of writing, the officials have not informed us of any such things that would make us believe in the series. But since the last chapter was held unclear and the fans have been hoping for the series to return, it might be released. 

The current situation of the series is playing as a see-saw. The officials have neither confirmed the show nor canceled the series. The fans have been willing to know about the storyline and what could possibly happen. Twitter was filled with numerous tweets, with fans joking around the fourth season which will happen in the parallel universe. 

Moreover, Toei Animation is all about renewal and spin-off. Recently, the anime studio released a statement regarding the Dragon Ball Super Movie. If there will be Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4, it will happen after the release of the movie. As far as I believe, Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4 will be released in 2023 or 2024.

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Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4: What will be the story about?

After the demand for the anime increased, the studio released two spin-off movies that follow the story of Dream Arc Manga. ‘Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie’ follows the story of the manga and reveals the other ascites of these girls. The movie was released on Netflix on 8 January 2021. 

Earlier, the movie was scheduled to release in 2020 but due to the global pandemic. The release date was further postponed to 2021. 

If there will be a fourth season, it will definitely feature the story of the third season of the anime. On the other hand, we can neglect the point that the movie itself left on uncertain notes. If there will be another season, it will also cover the story of the movie too. 

Fans could expect the fourth installment to carry out all the important aspects of the series and to continue the storyline further. 

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