Roku Remote is not Working? Fix it Now

roku remote is not working
roku remote is not working

Roku TV remote is a voice search remote that provides easy control for watching TV channels as well as streaming channels like Netflix, Hulu, NBC, etc. It has a feature Voice command where you can command to play the channel you want. If you are using Roku TV remote, you have the power to control your TV not only from your palm but also from your voice. It is compatible with all brands coming under Roku TV and probably all Roku video streaming media players. Your voice can control your TV. But, most people complain that ” Roku remote is not working.” In this post, we will look answer to why Roku remote is not working? And how can we solve such an issue? Sometimes it is not the fault of the remote. It is our fault if we are unknown about the reason for the functioning of a remote. Looking into its features, let me give you some ideas for remote, which does not work.

Why my Roku Remote is not working?

1.Roku IR models: the problem of signal blocking

Before you find any trouble with the remote, it is best to know what type of Roku remote you are using. Roku TV remote comes with multiple models; Different model has its pros and cons. Roku comes with various models. Some of them are Roku LT, Roku HD, Roku 2 HD, XD, etc. The main problem of using IR remotes is they require a direct signal free from any obstructions for sending commands. If you have anything coming in between the connection, the remote won’t work. If it happens, then remove the barrier coming between TV and the remote or lift the remote higher, so that remote catches the signal. Gaming remotes like Roku TV remote models include. Roku Streaming Stick (Model 3600 ), Roku Premiere, Roku 2 (Model 4210) don’t face such a problem of signal blocking.

2. Check Your Batteries:

roku tv remote
roku tv remote

Sometimes it is not the fault of remote but of cells that make the remote not to function correctly. Thus, the Roku remote will not work due to battery problems. At that time, remove and reinsert them. Be sure your batteries are not dead. If the remote is still doesn’t work, replace the batteries. If it even isn’t responding, then you have to purchase a new remote.

3. Restart Roku Remote | Roku Player or Stick

roku remote
roku remote

Playing Roku devices for long time stuff and create signal jams. Restarting the player will delete all the signal jams and make you clear whether there is a defect with the remote or not.

Follow the Steps Below Before Restarting.

1. First, remove the batteries from your remote.

2. Then remove the power cable from your Roku player/stick, then reconnect power to the device.

3. If the Roku logo displays on the TV screen, reinsert the batteries in the remote.

4. Wait for few seconds to re-establishes a connection with the Roku player and remote. If it pair successfully, then it will show signal.

4. Check Your HDMI Connector in Roku Streaming Stick

roku tv remote
roku tv remote

As you already check for repairing, now check whether your HDMI connector is working correctly or not. If your device plugged directly into the HDMI port, you would get something displayed on the screen. So bring an HDMI extension ( free of cost from Roku if you keep your Roku serial number handy ).

5. Check Network Connection

roku remote network
roku remote network

A network connection is also an essential factor for not functioning of Roku TV remote. As Streaming sticks have wireless network connectivity, there are some chances of facing network communication error.

If your remote isn’t working at this stage, then download the Roku app and check settings on the Roku menu option inside the app scroll down to Tap on Network option after scrolling below. You should see the possibility of Network Status. If it Connecting, you will confirm the problem-related to your network or not.

6. Connect Roku device to the 5 GHz wireless network

Note:- Use this step if you have a secure network connection.

Review the user manual for your router or contact the router manufacturer to check if it supports 5 GHz.

If it doesn’t connect, make sure that the 5 GHz network is on in the router settings. You can also follow the below steps to establish a connection:-

Go to Settings > Network > Set up connection > Wireless on your Roku device and connect your Roku device to the 5 GHz wireless network.

7. Warm or hot to touch

If your Roku TV remote gets warm or hot, discontinue the use of your remote, then Do not attempt to remove batteries while hot. Keep it free some time and try after some time.

8. Replace your Roku Remote

Replace the remote and buy a new one. I recommend you to buy RC108 Roku Remote, which does not face such an unnecessary issue. It is compatible with every model. Only be sure to check that your Roku box or streaming stick is supported by the remote before purchasing a new remote.

Roku Customer Service

You can visit Roku support for any product related queries. Or Customer Support, click here. You can visit the Roku press room if it is available in your city.

To Report any security issue:

Mail at – For any help using PGP to protect the message.

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Final words:

Remote makes life easier from old times. Not only in case of remote but all gadgets is not perfect for every time. The defect starts coming when the devices get older. So must take care to replace the equipment on time for their proper m functioning. Repair them at the beginning to get rid of their issue. I think I have covered all the answers to why my Roku remote is not working ?. But still, you get some problem contact the roku customer service.



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