Ray Donovan Season 8 Release Date Updates| Is It Happening?

Ray Donovan Season 8

After the Season 7 of Ray Donovan aired, fans started to wonder about the future of this series. Created by Ann Biderman, this series is one of the prominent shows of Showtime. Even more, the release of this criminal drama has led to huge success for the Television show. As the show was released on the Screen, many people started to love the theme of the show, and eventually, this show got into their favorite category. As the series has already released 7 seasons back to back. The Audience is now wondering about the possibility of Season 8. Will there be Ray Donovan Season 8? When is it Going to be released?

Starring  Liev Schreiber as Ray Donovan as the main lead of the show who is a professional fixer and works along with the famous Businessman and the actors to get the fixing and other things. As the show progressed, we saw how Ray Donovan keeps his professional and personal life balanced. However, her relationship with his wife gets a little too disturbing. 

The American Television series received a positive response shortly after its first release. As soon as the show aired on the Screen, many people loved the action and drama that this series focuses on. Soon after Season 7 was aired, the audience was wondering whether the officials would be releasing another chapter or not. Continue reading if you want to know about this series in detail. 

Ray Donovan Season 8 Confirmed: Is It Happening?

Ray Donovan Season 8

Ray Donovan Season 7 was released on 17 November 2019 and ran till 19 January 2020. As the seven-season ended last year, the showrunner has not been renewing the series any further. 

After the seventh season ends with a pretty dramatic ending, the audience has been hoping to see what happens with the life of Ray Donovan further. It looks like Ray Donovan Season 8 is actually confirmed by the fans, it just needs to get the official confirmation.

As the show made further progress and the years passed, there was no news regarding the Ray Donovan Season 8. It’s been 2 years since the release of the last seasons and there is no season 8 for now. 

Moreover, after a while, the creators of the show have officially confirmed that Ray Donovan Season 8 will not be happening. The journey of this Criminal drama was with us till Season 7, as this news broke, many fans were anxious as the series still had a lot to say. 

But they have to accept the fact that the series will be only a 7 season show and the seventh was the last and final season for them. 

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Ray Donovan Season 8 Cancellation: How Fans Reacted To This News?

Ray Donovan Season 8

When the news regarding the cancellation broke out, it was quite a shocking one for the audience. Nobody has ever thought that the series would be canceled after season 7. As the show was one of the trademarks for Showtime, I think it would be pretty devastating for the fans that they have to think of another chapter. 

One of the other things that raised hope among the audience regarding the possible season was the ending. The creators have not finished the series with a final ending and as this has happened, it makes the audience worried. 

Not only the audience but also the cast was shocked. The stars of the series have not accepted the cancellation of the show and they talked about this in their Twitter account. 

David Hollander talked about how they were hoping for a finale ending of the series and revealed how they were also not informed beforehand. After all this chaos, the fans have started to raise the petition and campaign for Ray Donovan Season 8. When this happens, the creators have a brief meeting regarding it. 

Surprisingly, the creators have something for the audience. It was shortly revealed that Ray Donovan Season 8 will not happen but there would be a follow-Up movie about the series. Furthermore, the movie will have everything wrapped up by the officials. 

Ray Donovan Season 8: Follow-Up Movie Is In production?

Ray Donovan Season 8

After the large caps and the demand of the fans for another installment, the creators of the series have revealed that they will be releasing a movie. A follow-up would be under production that would talk about the series and the story of our illegal mafia Ray Donovan in more detail. 

When the cancellation news broke down, fans were worried as there were a lot of things to told, The power and the love of these people have led the show to another round. The cast of the series has been talking about how grateful they are for such amazing fans. 

The movie is already in development but there is no release date scheduled. As the creators have been in development, I think the movie still needs a year for its production. 

You can believe that the movie will not be released in 2021. If everything goes fine and the production ends soon, the fans could be able to watch the movie in 2022. 

Moreover, Levine said in an interview that the fans would expect the movie to release in the first half of 2022. 

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Final Words

Ray Donovan Season 8 is canceled by the officials. The prominent and most-loved series of Showtime has bid the final goodbye to the fans. As the news broke out, it was quite surprising for the fans and the cast too. No one expected the series to end this soon. Also, the officials have never revealed the reason behind the cancellation. After a while, the fans started to demand another season and the showrunners have confirmed the movie. A follow-Up movie is under production and will be released super soon. 

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