Pros And Cons of Technology in the Classroom

technology in the classroom
technology in the classroom

Technology is a key factor that bridges the gap between the practical and theoretical points of view. The technology has brought words of the world together and bonded so closely to catch out a new updates. The era of the evolution of mankind has certainly boosted by upgrading Technology. Today man is in need with certain better research in every aspect that will civilize the entire country and therefore to be a part of Technology must in prospective aspect. Today we read about the technology in the classroom and pros and cons of technology in the classroom. 

Today the classroom has replaced their old version to technical Era which immensely impacted the bond between teacher and student. The technology used in a classroom has, in turn, result in optimizing the level of attendance in upcoming years.

The traditional way of teaching covered the platform of open conversation which included a black sheet of board and colored chalk and in turn, the technology has overruled all this method into digital form which maintained a balance between theoretical and practical aspects.

technology in the classroom
technology in the classroom

According to the latest research, the graphical representation is intensely increasing the rate of intellectual concentration and also actively shown enrollment of students. Technology in the classroom that is constructively impacting on the personal development of students as well as creative social well being in every aspect. 

A mind of a child is always curious to know about, how a particular thing works, a mechanism built behind it. All such types of curiosity can be well directed using different technologies. A creative way to enhance, uplift and modify thoughts, that one may get during his schooling time.

Technology in the classroom is a rapidly increasing concept of imagination power. A concept without imagination is like a bird without wings, likewise, using technology in the classroom is improving the deepness in every aspect. 

The method used before, used to be quite simple as a piece of chalk and a sheet of the board were used. This method wasn’t interesting as there were no imaginary worlds, that today you are viewing it. But if you promote your concentration towards a video representation it may last for a longer duration. 

Adapt the change, promote your mind towards the new update being organized.  Technology in the classroom has immensely increased statistical data of curricular performance, as the technique of concept has changed its level from difficult to simple way.

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Using Technology in the Classroom:

A classroom is a place of four walls where good things are to be inculcated in the form of conversation through audio and video which ensures the Rapid impact over the student’s mind. Using technology in classrooms boosts to different types of Technology.

1. 3D Printing: 

3D printing is an excellent way to demonstrate the visualize aspect over the students views and acknowledge their mental strength. Your bird of knowledge is given flight by representing in three-dimensional form. The words or figures that are to be explained actually danced in front of your eyes and, using technology in the classroom seems to be real. Using 3D technology in the classroom will show you how the actually mechanism of a particular concept is drafting into reality which gets lifetime attachment of the concept within a year this will definitely grade up your performance.

2. Cloud Technology: 

Cloud Technology sort out multiple choices to determine the single concept using Technology in the classroom can be explained in ‘n’ number of ways. So that student gets a preferable choice to recapture concept over the short term task. It seems to be difficult or concept is moving out of your track you can approach the internet assessment in order to get rid out of it. A practical work that includes construction mechanism can be well explained and simultaneously you can get reunited with the process.

3. Biometric:

This technology is frequently used to capture your unique fingerprints for the purpose of your identity. Today attendance is in the form of biometrics. The technology used in the classroom  usually needs which ensures out your detailed information also biometric is the necessary equipment in your sector not only in the classroom but also in many of this sector.

4. Hologram: 

A hologram is basically out a sketch of your shadow. It resembles filter copy of your own soul. In an auditorium if you are supposed to represent on a particular topic Hologram will design your figure and surely those representations will click rapidly and the way of enhancing will frequently go on. This new form of Technology in the classroom will definitely be ruled out over the globe.

Benefits of Technology in the Classroom:

technology in the classroom
technology in the classroom

Effective and Efficient Connectivity: 

As you feel more connection it gets easy to bound up with your studies in and you can adapt more relevant stuff to a acknowledge. Students can learn the way they formed in an independent way. Self learning process can be boasted and self sufficient mode of grasping knowledge will developed in the right direction.

Inhibits Knowledge:

It is for sure that you get extra amount of knowledge by inculcating new technologies students get more attached and engaged here as mind of students is more active here every concept can be more simpler as you go level above level .These marks the benefit of technology in classroom. 

Teachers Work is Replaced by Technical Work:

No enrollment of second person is getting a lead. We have a lot to be discussed on the benefits of Technology in classrooms. E-Learning has transformed the way of educating the student. a free style of acquiring knowledge can be expressed well here. 

You are allowed to visit frequently towards the topic which you feel difficult. As a teacher is replaced by E Learning technique a mental and physical work is reduced these will definitely aims on smart work strategies.

Additional Stuff:

These too inhibits the group study and also the students gets more to learn as you get plenty of solutions for a question,As e-Learning has set N number of conceptual videos which aims upon doubt full seminar a while. It leads to a smart overview and gets easy way to prepare for broad term that inturn results in individual planning strategy.

By approaching towards the social media sites the students may be well connected to the plans and can involve the acknowledgement over the lessons. Similarly students may get upgraded by asking questions and get new ideas over the concepts and can practically lead out to many changes.

The students here by gets more acquainted over the technical world.There are many more benefits accelerated over the internet and get out grasping attitude out of such a big deal.

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Pros and Cons of Technology in the Classroom:


It Estimates Free Environment:

By assuring free environmental there is no discrimination between student with low and high IQ. Everyone gets equal opportunity to withstand here. By getting more reliable here on technology boasterns the direct motivation in minds of students and get well sustained over the grades. 

Package Full of Joy and Auto Didactic Approach:

It encourages the students to have a self learning approach which initially get rid out of parental tension and leads to smooth execution. Simultaneously students can focus over the studies as well as play with it as part of joy.

Boasterns Mental Strength:

It prepares the students to reach out of their goals and get completed controlled over the mental strength. Inculcating the technology in classroom has a quite will minimized mental stress over the minds of students and intent to grabs out self sufficient knowledge skills.

Flexibility and Recapturing are in Lead:

Students can access out there difficult in quick succession and covers the gap between reality and illusion. E-Learning markup the entertaining, smart skills which refreshes the mindset of students and may be flexible in grasping out knowledge.

It Aim Upon Reducing the Human Efforts:

Teacher’s work is leading a path of extinction as a result a well time is  spent. E-Learning catches out the deep study tendency which is immensely impacted to grow a personal technical and general knowledge.

Technology is Next to Water:

As water is essential constituent for ever single  species like wise a technology is life blood for today’s era. If you strive within a better interest of its usage. Students must have authentic access over the internet these will not only give positive aspects but will frame best future. 


Emerge to Distraction Ideology:

As every coin has two sides like wise technology also has its advantages as well as disadvantages these may lead to distraction as personal attention is not given any chance here. Failure mechanism, poor connection results in get distractions which creates a lot of self disappointment, there are chances of getting the important files to be lost and generate frustration.

Diversion to Another Factor:

As students get access to internet for study purpose they may get extra reliable on through the technology and can get influenced in bad phase which results upon poor progress. If you open YouTube you get irrelevant stuff which may lead to heavy distractions. 

Rid From Free Conversation:

By getting a frequent rid towards the technology the students may get rude attitude which marks over the great self deprecation.Technology in the classroom broke down the relationship between the student and teacher which lack face to face conversation which lead out to distraction, which intended to have a gradual attitude.

Way to Misleading Information:

If students are enacted with any wrong information, May certainly accused towards huge collapsing in students changing minds. As you get numerous solutions students may get into confusion. Sometimes the students may surely mislead over the track and out come won’t be good.

Aims Upon Stress Less Strategy:

The reading and writing capacity lower to a great relaxation, the student did not aim on strategy of reading and writing no assignment theory. These is bit reducing level of concentration as students have loss rewriting capacity. 

Cost Effective Technology:

As it is cost effective, not every school can afford it. There can be mutual discrimination between a student who has gone through such demonstrations and a student, due to. cost effective issues hasn’t got such opportunities to view it.      

Final Words:

As we have seen immense importance of technology that is needed to adapt in each and every classrooms. Here we are with conclusion, with many positive attributes. All new sorts of techniques are leading mankind and certainly will transform your knowledge. It will be easy for a student to step forward with intense developed conceptual ideologies. Do initiative be part of technology. Technology in classroom is now baseline that will certainly upgrade performance. Using technology in classrooms will diminish traditional approach. Benefit of technology is less to count. Pros and cons of Technology are the pillars of Technology. Technology in the classrooms has to be circulated all over the school in order to reconstruct your concepts and get attached with it newly.

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