Outsider Season 3: Confirmed Or Not?

outsiders season 3

Will we ever go to the what after Season 2 of Outsiders ends? Will Farrells remain on Shay Mountain forever? Is there any possibility for the Outsiders Season 3? The Popular American drama was initially released in 2016 and became an instant hit. 

After the WGN made the first announcement regarding the show. Fans knew that there would be more to explore about the characters and their story living on the hill. Outsiders renewed its second season in the same year and released Outsiders season 2 in 2017

After the WGN brought back the two seasons of the series, fans knew that the show would further move forward with the story. It’s been over 4 years since the fans are waiting for the Outsiders Season 3 to get renewed. Fans are eagerly waiting to hear all the future updates regarding their favorite TV series and so we are here. 

In this article, we’ll be talking about the updates and possibility of Outsiders Season 3 with you. If you are someone who loves the series in-depth and wants to know about the renewal status then read this article till the end. 

Outsiders Season 3 Cast: Who will be returning to the Show?

Outsiders season 3

The outsider season 3 was something that is the most asked question by the fans. With season 2 ending in a cliffhanger, the majority of the fans believed that there would be more to know about the story of the hill. 

The show follows the life of the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky where the people used to live. It also centers around David Morse as “Big Foster” Farrell VI who is the main protagonist of the series. If there would be the third installment of the series then the main character would probably be returning back in the series. 

In the next few lines, I’ll be sharing the cast of the series to help you further explain who is coming back in the Outsiders 3 and who is not.

  • David Morse will be back as Big Foster Farrell
  • Ryan Hurst will follow the role of Li’l Foster Farrell
  • Kyle Gallner will reprise as Hasil
  • Christina Jackson as Sally- Ann
  • Thomas M. Wright will be cast back as Sheriff Wade Houghton
  • Gillian Alexy will be seen as G’Winveer Farrell
  • Francie Swift will be back as Haylie Grimes
  • Rebecca Harris will be seen as Ledda Dobbs
  • Laurie Klatscher will reprise the role of Emelye
  • Mark Jeffrey Miller will be following the character, Krake
  • Ted Williams as Big Foster Posse
  • Tina Alexis Allen as Shurn
  • Eddie Beveridge will be back as Phil’up
  • Billy Hepfinger as Judd Fults

Outsider Season 3 Confirmed: Is it Coming Or Not? 

Outsiders season 3

The American drama that was created by Peter Mattei was first announced back in 2016. The show follows the life of the people lying on the hills and they crave the highest powers. Within two years, WGN has released two seasons of the series back to back. 

Moreover, the show stars David Morse as  “Big Foster” Farrell VI who is the most powerful man on the hill. Within the two seasons, fans enjoyed the overall episode and loved the in-depth about the series. After the second season ended airing in 2017, the show was nowhere to be seen. 

Fams are still looking if there would be any more updates for Outsider Season 3 but there is none. 

It is officially announced that Outsiders Season 3 is officially canceled by the WGN. The show released its last season of 2017 and after that, the officials have not renewed anything for the series. If you are hoping to have any further season of the show, then you shouldn’t be. 

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Outsiders Season 3: Why is it Cancelled?

Outsiders season 3

After season 2 of Outsiders ended, fans were furious to know that there would be no more episodes of the series. The last season of the series ended on a cliffhanger, making fans want to explore more about the show. 

With the story being incomplete, fans thought that there would be more room for the story but there wasn’t. The show was officially canceled and now there will be no more Outsiders Season 3. 

The reason behind the cancellation of the series was predicted to be low ratings both by the critics and the audience. As the show was first released, it joined the hype but as the number of episodes increased, the audience started to lose interest in the show. 

Even the low viewership plays a major role in the upbringing of the cancellation. 

What are the ratings of the show?

What made the creators cancel the series is the low viewership and the ratings by the critics and the audience. Starting with the critic’s ratings, the IMDb rating of the TV series is 7.5/10. Talking about the next, Tonight’s TV has reported the ratings of the series to be 7.5/10. 

The record of the critics’ ratings is pretty average and this doesn’t explain much. Coming to the audience rating summary of the series which is 4.7 and only 127 people have recorded their review. 

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Final words

Outsiders is an American drama that was released back in 2016 and got renewed within the few months of its release. The series has released two seasons of their TV series back to back and the fans are looking if there would be another season of Outsiders. The WBN has officially cancelled the series to get renewed and now there is nothing to know about it, Outsiders 3 is officially cancelled by the creators because of the low viewership and the creators don’t have much to invest on the show. 

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