Notesgen App: How to Make Money With It Use of the Notes Generator: a Critical Analysis

Notesgen app

The biggest platform for uploading handwritten or typed notes is the Notesgen app. It is intended for educators, learners, and professionals who want to make money by disseminating their notes to students all over the globe.

Students may search for their prerequisites from the notes posted to the site on this peer-to-peer learning platform.


  • The Notesgen app’s main features are,
  • It is possible to ask your peers about a certain note that you wish to download.
  • Before buying the note, get in touch with the vendors.
  • To engage with a group, use audio or video calling.
  • If you want to learn with others, you may form a study group.

How Does the Notesgen App Make Money?

You may submit your notes, which are completely secure with Notesgen, and make money in the following ways using the Notesgen app.

  • The notes cannot be downloaded unless you pay for them.
  • Once they decide to purchase it, you get your stated amount, which is added to the student’s account, and they can simply see it.Notesgen app

How Can I Use and Profit From the Notesgen App?

  • You may use the Notesgen app in the following ways after downloading it on your device.
  • Create an account with the app and a username and password.
  • Once within the site, you may locate an upload button after the cart, close to your name in the top right corner.
  • You may access a page where you can type the name of the document you want to upload by clicking the upload button.
  • You may state how much your document will cost.
  • The document must also be uploaded in the upload document section.
  • To explain to readers more about how they will profit from utilising the note, document type, extension type, and input device, choose the document description.
  • Put a price on using the note that you wish to be paid.
  • Decide on the note’s category.
  • To ensure optimal exposure, use hashtags.
  • Selecting the checkbox indicates your acceptance of the terms and conditions.
  • Lastly, press the Submit button.Read Also:
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Install and Download the Notesgen App for Ios and Android.

The procedures listed below must be followed in order to install the Notesgen app for free on Android.

Visit Google Play.

Put “Notesgen” into the search field.

Wait for the download to finish before selecting the Install tab.

The steps listed below must be followed in order to get the Notesgen app for free on iOS.

  • Visit the Apple App Store.
  • Utilize the Search box to look for “Notesgen.”
  • You may quickly download your app by clicking the Get tab.


The software has excellent reviews and can be downloaded from the website, the Google Play store, and the Apple app store.

Additionally, you may always get in touch with the staff directly if you have any questions.

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