Noragami Season 3: Is It Renewed Or Not?


The fans of Noragami have already watched the first and second seasons of their popular anime series. As the show has already ended after Season 2, fans have been wondering about the possible Season 3. Despite the show’s popularity all over Japan and around the world, the show still hasn’t been renewed its season 3. After the end of Season 2, the fans are growing excited for Noragami Season 3. 

Noragami is a popular Japanese anime series that follows the supernatural action theme. Based on the manga series which shares the same title, the anime was released. The story is adapted from the famous manga series, written and illustrated by Adachitoka. The manga started to be published in 2010 and after four years, the anime adaptation happens. 

The anime series was officially released in 2014 with 12 episodes. As the first season was released, the show gained massive success and popularity all around the globe. 

There are rumors regarding Season 3 and as the story was concluded without any proper ending, fans want more. With all these suspicions regarding Season 3, fans are wondering if there will be Season 3 or not. In this article, we’ll be going to find out everything regarding Noragami Season 3 in detail.

Noragami: What is it About?

Noragami Season 3

Noragami is a Japanese anime series that was initially released in 2015. Based on the manga that was written and illustrated by Adachitoka.

Following the story of  Hiyori Iki, a teenage high school boy who almost died after saving a stranger in an accident. Everything seems fine and her act of kindness may look inspiring but little did she know that it would turn out much heavier. 

Moreover, she is now behaving like a half alive and half dead person. As the story continues, we find her life upside down. As the story continues, the show makes the story continue. 

It’s been more than 5 years since the show was released but the fans have still been inspired by the story and have the hope that the show will get renewed. On the other hand, the show has recently landed on the OTT platform. As it happens, the viewers have significantly grown in numbers. 

Noragami Season 3: Is it Happening?

Noragami Season 3 news

Both the first and second seasons of the anime series got immense love and support from the fans. Even the critics appreciated the anime series and loved how the overall concept turned out. As the second season of this series was released in 2015, fans have been furiously waiting for the third season for six years. 

As a matter of fact, six years have passed and there have been no updates on whether or not the series will be renewed or not. There has been no official confirmation regarding Noragami Season 3. If the third season had to be renewed it would have been there a long time ago. 

The showrunners seem to have left the story of the anime series a long ago. It seems like the officials are not interested in the other series. Because if they have, then the series could have been released way back. 

However, I won’t say that Season 3 is not happening. The official has neither confirmed nor canceled the series. The renewal status of the anime series is still unknown. With the two seasons released, the fans have been suspecting about the third one which is still on hold. 

Noragami Season 3: When is it expected to Release?

Noragami Season 3 news

When the anime series was released, it generated a lot of fan base all around the world. The fantasy drama that follows the supernatural theme looks quite generous to the fans. The anime series adds more fans to the fandom and it ultimately results in the sales of the manga too. 

With such huge popularity, the viewers demand Season 3. The second season of the anime was concluded but the ending was not enough for the fans to be satisfied. That’s the reason why the fans have been demanding another season. 

There are multiple reasons which may lead to the renewal of this series. The first and foremost thing is the fans. The dedicated fans of Noragami have been continuously making sure to get a renewal.

Another thing that would make the show return is the storyline. The manga series which shares the same name have many volumes left to cover. 

However, on the other hand, there are a lot of things that can easily disappoint the fans and make them believe that there won’t be Season 3. Both theories have not yet been proved since the show is neither renewed nor canceled.

No wonder why the Blue Bloods series is loved by so many people. Amazon Prime Video has exclusively launched the series and the Blue Bloods Season 13 is officially confirmed. The series is loved by so many people and there has been a long line of people who have been waiting for Season 13.

Noragami Season 3: Why is it Cancelled?

Noragami Season 3 news

When the anime series was released many of the fans added to the fandom. However, when season 2 was released, there was a downfall in the number of viewers. Noragami is a popular supernatural romance series. 

The sudden downfall in the number of views can become the main reason why the show didn’t get renewed. The manga series represents a lot of things that would ultimately make the viewers realize the future of the series. 

Recently, the author has announced that the next volume will also publish super soon. The latest manga was released this year and unfortunately, the sales got lesser than expected. It turns out that the number of viewers during the first manga compared to the current one is less than half, with all such negative things, it would be hard for the creators to release the third season. 

Generally, the creators released the anime adaption if the viewership increased or the fans got the constant watch on it. But as the series is losing its spark, we are sorry to inform you that the future of Noragami is not that great. 

Noragami season 3 is unlikely to happen this year or the next few years. If you are still waiting for the official confirmation then I would for a while. We are keeping an eye on all the updates for you.

Barry is officially released on HBO and as the series is released, fans have been expecting the third season. So far, the series has released 2 seasons with excellent run, resulting in the win in Emmy Awards.  With 2 seasons being released, the show has established its big-name over HBO’s popular category. With everything being said, we are pleased to inform you about Season 3.

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