Narcos Season 3 Is Finally Coming On Netflix

Narcos Season 3

Narcos: Mexico is already a popular crime documentary series that is based on the popular drug dealer, Pablo Escobar. One of the prominent criminals of his own time, but still one of the most popular with his works, the netflix brings back the life of this man into their platform. For the people who don’t know who he is, He is one of the richest Drug dealers who has managed to escape from the police multiple times. Netflix has already released two seasons of the crime Drama series and the Narcos Season 3 is already on the talks. 

After watching Narcos Season, one can easily think that there would be Narcos Season 3 for sure, the story hasn’t been completed yet and I am sure that fans would be dying to see what’s going to happen next.

Season 3 of Narcos has already been confirmed by Netflix. Being one of the famous shows of the platform, Netflix is making sure that the audience receives the best of their series. 

In this article, we’ll be talking about everything that we know about Narcos Season 3 here. If you are someone who love the series and wants to know how things went for Pablo Escobara nd his life then this article would help you. 

Narcos Season 3 Confirmed: Is it Coming?

Narcos Season 3

Season 2 of Narcos has already been released on Netflix and after the series ended finishing its second season, fans knew that there would be another season of the show for sure. 

In a short time, Netflix confirmed the Narcos Season 3 to the audience and also revealed that the season 3 would be the finale of the series. 

After the confirmation was brought forward, fans wanted to know more about the upcoming season. In the last part, we got to know how things went for Pablo and how all of his family and team have been meeting all the things. His journey has finally begun to grow and more money is on the way. But with large money comes bigger problems. 

Another popular crime drama series is claws which has recently confirmed its season 4. The series follows bunch of women who have been using themselves to fight against the crime. 

Narcos Season 3 Release Date: When it is Releasing on Netflix?

Narcos Season 3

Netflix has not revealed the release date of Narcos so far. The Crime drama series has been a popular show for Netflix and has even ranked on the Top 10 Most watched series of the time. 

Following the life of the 90s popular criminal Pablo Escobar who is still considered legendary for many reasons. 

You must have heard the meem on the Internet which says that Pablo Escobar took the picture in front of White House while the whole police was looking for him. There is no doubt that people love to watch the series based on this man who has such a life. 

Recently, Netflix have released the confirmed release date for their crime Drama series and it will be released on 7 November, 2021. The officials have confirmed that season 3 would be the finale season of the series and there will be no more Narcos on Netflix.

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Narcos Season 3 Plot: What is it about?

Narcos season 3

The Narcos Season 2 has a lot of things happening and we have seen how Pablo was adapting to everything around him. With being loyal to his cradle, he is following all of his old duties. But after America was having a big concern and the police were facing a lot of issues to catch Pablo, things started to get worsend. 

The CIA came into the picture and now it becomes difficult for Pablo to escape from the scene. On the other hand, His loyalty for his cartel is still there but we see that his trust started to lose over time. 

In the modest of all this, he still performed his job of the exchanging of money and still took an eye on all the big things happening around the government. 

But the old Pablo is not the same anymore. He started to kill everyone who came between him and his works and this further encouraged the police to catch him. 

In Season 3, I am expecting that the Pablou will have blogger things coming up. He is already becoming hella rich and the money would lead him to big powers. But with the things he does, will he be able to survive?

We already know Narcos Season 3 would end on the death of Pbalou, as it happens in the Reality. The police will ultimately encounter him on the run and we will have the final ending. Now we have to see how the directors bring all of this forward. 

Narcos Season 3 Cast: Who is in it?

Narcos Season 3

Narcos season 3 would cast the same people as we saw in the earlier season. The Series cast is officially returning back to the series. With Wagner Moura playing the lead role of the rich drug dealer Pablo, the audience will love to see him. 

Moreover, the series have already received amazon response from the fans and the critics, the performance of the cast is appreciated and that makes further chances to recast all the stars abc. If you are someone who isn’t familiar with the cast then read the next few lines. 

  • Wagner Moura às Pablo Escobar
  • Boyd Holbrook as Steve Murphy 
  • Pedro Pascal as Javier Peña 
  • Maurice Compte as Colonel Horacio Carrillo 
  • André Mattos às Jorge Ochoa
  • Roberto Urbina as Fabio Ochoa 
  • Diego Cataño as Juan Diego “La Quica” Díaz 
  • Jorge A. Jimenez as Roberto “Poison” Ramos 
  • Paulina Gaitán as Tata Escobar 
  • Paulina García as Hermilda Gaviria
  • Stephanie Sigman as Valeria Vélez 
  • Escobar’s mistress
  • Bruno Bichir às Fernando Duque
  • Raúl Méndez as César Gaviria 
  • Manolo Cardona as Eduardo Sandoval

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