Mr. Beast Finger on the App 2 for Android/iphone | Win Prize of $100,000

Mr. Beast Finger app 2

The second iteration of Mr. Beast’s “Finger on the App” challenge has been released. The software may be downloaded for iOS and Android smartphones.

Since Jimmy Donaldson, the app’s proprietor revealed the game’s rematch and prize money on its Mr. Beast YouTube channel, the finger on the app trend has returned. As is well known, the inaugural competition had a prize pool of $25,000 and was conducted on June 30.

The award has increased to four times what was won before. Yes, it is correct that the contest’s announced winning prize is $100,000.

Millions of people have already downloaded the game The Finger on the App 2, and it is once again trending. The competition will begin on December 29, 2020, and it will finish in 2021.

“Is finger on the app 2 accessible on android (Playstore)?” is a question that Android users have. To learn how to get the Mr. Beast Challenge game app, read this page.

App Mr. Beast Challenge 2

  • The game is distinctive from others. It is a game of financial difficulty. If you triumphed in that task, you may receive $100,000.
  • Mr. Beast, a well-known YouTuber who has previously participated in several contests, has now released the game.
  • This multiplayer game only exists once. It may be played concurrently by millions of players.
  • You must keep your finger on the screen longer than the other players in order to win the game’s prize.
  • The winner is the one who finally removes their finger off the phone screen. The trick is that since other participants will choose the reward amount for the victor, it will vary.

It might range from 1 dollar to 100,000 dollars.Mr. Beast Finger app 2

How Can I Use the App 2’s Finger Game?

Download the app using your finger.

Users of iOS devices may download the app (iPhone users). Below I have included a download link for the app so iPhone users may get it through the apple store.

Android App With a Finger on It

Millions of Android users were interested in downloading it after watching it.

The Mr. Beast Challenge app for an Android smartphone has been released, according to Mr. Beast.

Mr. Beast has finally released “Finger on the App 2 for Android” users, his second challenge app. By clicking on this link, they may download the app.

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Battle Mode 2 of the App: 11

How to practice the game before the competition is a question that many people have. This time, Mr. Beast has updated certain elements to the game’s fight Mode to address the players’ issue.

New players may practice the game and hone their abilities using this fight mode before competing.

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