Monarca Season 3 Confirmed News| Why the Series Got Cancelled?

Here is everything you need to know about Monarca Season 3


Netflix’s Monarca has just released its season 2 and it became a popular series on the platform. The series has already been up with two seasons which hit milestones for the audience. Even became one of the most-watched Netflix series by securing the top position. However, fans are wondering if Monarca Season 3 will ever happen.

The popular series has already released its two seasons and as the series finished airing, there comes the question about Monarca Season 3. 

Produced by Salma Hayek, the series has been recently talking about season 3. The first season of Monarca was initially released in 2019 and soon, the series became one of the most popular Mexican series on Netflix. 

After the Covid-19 breakdown, many people started watching shows and web series world as a matter for their entertainment, the popularity of the Monarca series rose during the time. 

The new fans of the show started to ask whether there would be another season of Monarca in the future or not? Season 2 has already left us on the cliffhanger and there are still a lot of things that need to be addressed. The two seasons aren’t enough to report the whole story and that’s why they need for Monarca Season 3 to happen.

In this section, we will be discussing the series and its upcoming season 3. Viewers want to know if the Mexican series is still coming back with its Season 3 or not? Wanna know? Read the article till the end.

Monarca: Know About it!

Monarca Season 3

Monarca is a Mexican Streaming Television drama that was initially released in 2019. After the series released its first season, it blew the internet. 

Created and produced by the very famous Diego Gutiérrez who has previously worked with some of the famous Mexican movies and shows. The Web series stars Osvaldo Benavides, Juan Manuel Bernal, Rosa María Bianchi, and Irene Azuela

After the first season got a blockbuster hit on the OTT platform, the creators immediately booked the series for its second season. Within a year, the creators renewed and released the second season on popular streaming services. 

The story follows the life of the Billionaire tequila magnate and his family. The story shows how all things happened in the Mexican’s corrupt world. 

Even more, the show shows how corruption, scandals, and violence have made the city worse. After season 2 was released, the fans were looking to see if there would be Season 3 or not. 

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Monarca Season 3 Cast: Who is going to Return back in the show?

Monarca Season 3

The show stars Irene Azuela as Ana María Carranza Dávila as the main lead of the story. The movie follows the life of the Davila family and the business world. Season 3 of Monarca has not yet been announced but if there would be the third part, the series would be releasing all the cast. 

Fans would not accept any other stars in the main lead role other than the original cast. And we know that the creators would release the series with the original cast. 

In this section, we’ll be taking a quick look at the cast of the series and all the possible stars that would be returning in the Monarco season 3. 

  • Irene Azuela as Ana María Carranza Dávila
  • Osvaldo Benavides as Andrés Carranza Dávila
  • Juan Manuel Bernal as Joaquin Carranza Dávila
  • Rosa María Bianchi Cecilia Dávila Vda. De Carranza
  • Antonio de la Vega as Bernardo
  • Luis Rábago as Agustín Carranza
  • Sophie Gómez as Amelia
  • James Hyde as Martin Ross
  • Carla Adell as Camila Ross Carranza
  • Regina Pavón as Lourdes Carranza
  • Dalí Jr González as Pablo Carranza
  • Alejandro de Hoyos as Rodrigo Ross Carranza
  • José Manuel Rincón as Gonzalo Carranza
  • Daniela Schmidt as Pilar Ortega
  • Gabriela de la Garza as Jimena

Monarca Season 3: Confirmed Or Not?

Monarca Season 3 updates

Monarca Season 3 is one of the most anticipated Mexican series on Netflix. The Series has already released its season 2 and now fans are looking for future updates. 

The season 2 ending has made all the fans realize that the Monarca Season 3 will happen. Fans are already making speculations and theories regarding the third Season. 

Earlier, it seems to be clear that the Monarca Season 3 would happen and the officials were also hitting the renewal to the fans.

It was further speculated that Monarca Season 3 would be released in 2022 or might be in 2023. Because the covid-19 outbreak has already happened and the fans were wondering if the series might be facing the delay. 

However, all these things have been taken away after Monarca Season 3 released an official statement. Netflix has announced that the series would not continue to move forward with the upcoming season. The creators of the series also revealed that there would be no more Monarca Season 3. 

Monarca Season 3 has been officially canceled by the showrunners. The reason behind the cancellation of the series was because the second season of Monarca wasn’t able to gather much attention from the viewers.

Moreover, the first season of Monarca was comparatively proven to have great viewership and ratings as compared to the latter one. It was earlier reported that the creators are planning to renew the series even if the viewership only increased. 

The demand of the creators was not satisfied and that’s the main cause why Monarca Season 3 is officially canceled. 

Monarca Season 3 Release Date: When is it going to be Release?

Netflix has announced that there will be no more Monarca Season 3. The series was already canceled by the showrunner and Monarca is now just a two-season show. 

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