Men in Black 5 Has Started The Filming| Here’s Everything You Need To Know

men in black 5

When Men In Black was initially released, no one knew that the film series would come along in such a way that there would be demand for its fifth part. The popular comedy action film first came onto the screen in 1997. As the movie was released, we came to know about the unbreakable Duo of William Smith and Tom Lee Jones. So far, the series has released 4 parts of the movie series, with the last film released in 2019. The Audience is now asking about Men In Black 5. Will there be Men In Black 5? 

The journey of the series has been quite uplifting. The first film, Men in Black releasing and made a big blockbuster hit. So far, all the four movies of the series have successfully made their fame on the Screen. No wonder why the show is so popular among the people. Out of all the things, one thing that takes most of the appreciation is the duo. The chemistry between Tom Lee Jones and William Smith is something to die for. 

But it is true that the third part of the films series doesn’t have the involvement of the actor. Tom Lee Jones has a small role in the movie and that is primarily because the viewers don’t feel he is left out. With the actor being left from the movie and the last movie have seen complete downfall when it comes to the blockbuster hit. 

Moreover, Men In Black have now evolved as a franchise and as the creators have been committing to the movie, the parts have been released. Above all these things, there has been talked about men In Black 5. The audience is hoping to see the movie again and with that, there are suspicions about the movie. In this article, we’ll be going to talk about the fifth part of the series. 

Men in Black 5: Is In Development Or Not?

Men In Black 5

After the release of Man in Black: International, fans have been wondering about the fifth part. The Men in the black cinematic universe has been wondering about the fifth sequel. As the audience has been hoping regarding the sequel, there must be something going around. While the third and fourth part of the film series receives heavy controversy, it still feels great to them. 

According to the officials, Men in Black III and Men in Black: International received heavy production issues because of the incomplete script. When the production of these two films was started, it began with no prior script. The writers have used so many scripts that at the time of the production, there were heavy issues and the script was incomplete. 

Shoot in such chaos, the movie still makes quite a lot of money. The third part of the movie earned almost $600 Million dollars and that was one of the highest-grossing. All these things were enough for the creator to release the fifth part. 

In an open conversation, the official confirmed that Men In Black 5 is renewed. The fifth cinematic universe is officially renewed and fans are excited about it. Daniel Richtman officially claims that Men in Black 5 is in production and everything has been set up.

Unlike the third and fourth parts of the movie, the fifth movie has already worked in its production and the script is also well written. Men In Black 5 would be happening super soon and it might see the return of Will Smith. 

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Men in Black 5 Release Date: When is it going to be Released?

Men In Black 5 release date

The fifth part of Men in Black 5 is under production. Despite the fourth part of the film has seen the lowest-earning, the officials still took the chance to release the fifth part. It is believed that the poor and improper script leads the film to this position. As it happens, many people are disappointed with the plotline. 

On the other hand, the fourth season has instantly changed the theme of the whole series. The audience has loved Will Smith and Lee Jones James chemistry in the whole money. The Duo, which we have already seen for two decades, has been removed in the fourth part. In place of these two, we saw Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson coming into the main lead role. 

Moreover, these two have surely done great jobs but there is still the part of the movie urging the creator to ask for the original duo. There is no official confirmation regarding the release date yet. The officials have not scheduled any date for the release of the movie at all. 

Although the fifth part is on the board and the officials have really talked the word, there’s still no release date for the movie. 

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Men in Black 5 Cast: Who will be Back in the Film?

Men In Black 5 updates

Since the very first film, we have been seeing Will Smith and Lee Jones as the main lead roles. Both the actors have been a deadly combo and their comedy and jokes are just on the top. Over the years, we have seen the character’s development is a great way but what binds us to the movie is these two. 

There is no doubt that the movie is absolutely amazing but everyone prioritizes these two at the top. The third season again cast Will Smith as the main lead but Lee Jones acted a very small part and the movie turned the most successful out of all the four movies. 

In 2019, Men In Black: international was released and we see Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth as the main lead. As the fourth part of the movie was released. 

As the fifth part of the movie is confirmed by the official and the movie also starts shooting. There is a possibility that Will Smith might return in the fifth movie.

On the other hand, there are no updates regarding Tom Lee Jones. As the actor has already talked about his disapproval in the movie, I think he won’t be returning back. If the actor has no interest in his role, there is nothing that could take him back. 

We are still hoping for the official release of the confirmed cast so that we could further proceed with it. 

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Is there any official Trailer to watch?

At the time of writing, there is no official trailer of the movie. It looks like the movie is still ongoing and there are no updates about it. The official trailer would be released after the movie successfully finished filming. Till then, watch the official trailer of the fourth part of the movie. 


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