These Low-Budget Homemade Simple Mehndi Decorations Will Enhance Your Celebrations!

Mehndi Decorations

We’ve compiled some creative and budget-friendly DIY Mehendi décor ideas for all you frugal brides-to-be. By using DIY decorations for your wedding or Mehendi event, you can make a statement without going broke.

Making your own wedding decorations allows you to personalise the event and strengthen relationships with your loved ones. The greatest part is that you may recycle and reuse the goods on your own or with your family, using items you already have lying around the home.

Simple Mehndi Decorations on a Budget!

Fan Paper

Make some coloured or glazed paper into paper cranes and fans, and hang them all around the venue where the celebration is taking place. You may even attach it to the bride’s jhoola or set it up at the entrance.

Floral Mehndi Canopy Decoration

This is one of the easiest suggestions for arranging a mehndi celebration at home. You just need to create a canopy out of white sheets, fairy lights, and floral garlands, then use lovely marigold flowers to complete the appearance of the whole mehndi décor.

Mehndi Decorations

Glass containers

By purchasing these simple glass bottles from a neighbourhood market, filling them with lovely flowers, and then combining them with bulbs, you may create the ideal ceiling decoration. Another option is a wine bottle photo booth that is suspended from a ribbon. These are also inexpensively offered by Amazon.

Floral accents and a Swing with a Pastel Theme

The perfect Mehendi décor for your patio or garden includes lovely swings positioned beneath a tree with pink and purple tassels as well as marigold parrot figurines. In order to seem coordinated and professional, you may even match the topic of your mehndi to the attire you plan to wear.


To take your visitors on a journey through your life, create a picture wall. They look lovely strung on jute and attached to paper coasters. The photos may be strung and decorated with lights and flowers for a more straightforward approach.

Mehndi Decorations

Accessory Items

There are DIY props available that may be positioned anywhere in the area.

Obtain a ladder from storage or have a handyman construct one for you, then decorate it with mason jars and thermocol figures (such as BAR or LOVE). Apply an adhesive coat first, then affix glittering thermocouple cutouts to the ladder using double-sided tape.

Setting for the Bride

A lovely background against which the bride might sit during the mehndi ceremony would be a fantastic idea. Even if you may have a bigger tent with seats for more guests, a mehndi décor backdrop like this one can take centre stage in the wedding mehndi photos.

Bright Lights 

We were able to simply do it ourselves with the use of a ladder and a little amount of time, but hiring someone to light your wedding may cost hundreds of dollars! We hung lights all around the tent and around the yard, as well as along the entrance (although we did had our handyman double check the electrical side of things to make sure we didn’t blow any fuses:). I wish I could have taken better pictures to show you, but it was extremely beautiful.

Take this chance to stock up on Christmas lights that are now discounted at many places. In addition to the lights we already had, I must have purchased at least 15 more strings of lights. I purchased some to put in the tent and others with white ropes to place in the trees.

To make sorting and returning them much simpler, identify each cable with a little piece of masking tape to make it possible to borrow them from friends. I used white lights, but you may also use coloured lights for a more exciting effect.

Bicycle with Spray Paint Applied to it

Use it in the photo booth, or alternatively, set it up at the entranceway. All you need is an old bicycle and some spray paint to get started.

mehndi decorations

Garlands of ornaments

The bright and cheerful Christmas decorations served as the ideal inspiration for our Mehndi party, one of the traditional South Asian pre-wedding celebrations. So, during the week of Christmas, I scoured the shops for any and all ball ornament discounts, and I scored some incredible bargains. I ordered hundreds of them in all sizes, all in the shades of purple, green, and orange that I had selected as my motif.

My suggestion was to hang the balls around the perimeter of the huge backyard tent where our Mehndi was held. I also purchased many rolls of decorative, but strong enough to support the balls, golden Christmas cord-type rope from Fabricland to build the garlands.

Jars, Mason

For a while now, one of the most well-liked trends in interior decorating has been mason jars. They are not only quite adaptable, but they are also easily found in the neighbouring shops. They work best as centrepieces; all you need to do is make a knot in some jute rope and add some baby’s breath flowers to finish the design.

Alternately, you might attach a layer of burlap and lace to the vase, tie a bow in a piece of ribbon, and then place your preferred flower(s) within. Sunflowers, perhaps? You may also think about enhancing it with a candle or a bottle of wine.

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Indian design is the epitome of wealth and majesty. Traditional decor is always a good choice because of the vibrant colours, unique designs, and lovely patterns it has. Traditional khats may be used to spice up your sitting arrangements, or you can make it seem regal by adding diwans and masand cushions. The traditional Indian bride’s mehendi decorating is ready when you add brilliant tones of pink-orange or yellow to décor items like mirrors, umbrellas, and couch coverings with traditional designs.

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