Lil Bo Weep, 22-year-old Australian Singer and Youtuber, Died.

Lil Bo Weep

Lil Bo Weep, a famous YouTuber and singer from Australia, has passed away at the age of 22.

On Sunday (March 6), her father Matthew Schofield posted a confirmation of her death on Facebook, stating that she had suffered from “depression, trauma, PTSD, and drug addiction” before her passing.

“This weekend we lost the struggle for my daughter’s life against despair, trauma, PTSD, and drug addiction that we have been battling since we received her back from the United States via emergency repatriation DFAT [Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade] but shattered,” Schofield posted on Facebook.

We all battled with her against her demons, picking up the pieces of her life time and time again, but in the end, she was unable to continue the fight, and we had to let her go. As her dad, I am proud of her beyond words as she is my hero, my daughter, and my best friend whom I love so very much. Now that everyone wants their angel back, she is no longer in pain.

Lil Bo Weep, whose true name was Winona Lisa Green, started sharing music on SoundCloud in 2015, where she posted her songs under the alias ‘monikers’. She amassed a big following online, being recognised for tunes like ‘not ok but its alright’, ‘Sorry’ and ‘CODEPENDENCY’. It was a minute and a half long song named “PTSD” that was her final upload to SoundCloud.

Lil Bo Weep announced her plans to launch a public TikTok channel in her last tweet. She tweeted, “This is a safe area for people who desire to hear my ideas, replies, and all that good stuff.”Lil Bo Weep

Who Exactly Was Lil Bo Weep?

  • On January 2, 1998, little bo weep entered the world.
  • The singer’s foray into music production began on SoundCloud in 2015.
  • Her tracks “Codependency” and “Not OK But It’s OK” have been played over 5 and 12 million times, respectively, on Spotify.
  • She was also very popular on the video-sharing platforms TikTok and Instagram.

When Did Lil Bo Weep Pass Away, and Why?

  • While we know that Lil Bo Weep passed away on March 5, 2022, the circumstances surrounding her death are still unknown.
  • Her father, Matthew Schofield, expressed his anguish by posting a picture of the two of them on Facebook.
  • In his own words, he penned: “My wife and I have been facing despair, trauma, PTSD, and drug addiction ever since we brought our daughter back from the United States through emergency repatriation with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
  • “She battled hard against her demons, and we all fought with her, picking up the pieces when she fell over and over again, but ultimately she was unable to and we lost her.
  • “To say that I am her father and that she is my hero, my daughter, and my closest friend would be an understatement.
  • “She is no longer suffering anymore with the universe demanding its angel back.
  • While I’m going through this difficult time, I’d appreciate it if my close pals wouldn’t bother me too much.
  • Alice Glass, a musician from Canada, paid homage to Lil Bo Weep by saying she “liked” his songs.

What Did She Say? “Sadly, Little Bo Has Passed Away.

“First heard ‘I composed this song 4 you’ and liked your music instantly.

“I’m very sorry you suffered I wish this Angel was still alive and never met anybody who would harm you.”

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How Much Money Did Lil Bo Weep Have?

YouTube and other social media sites were crucial to Lil Bo Weep’s financial success.

It is unclear how much money she had when she passed away.

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