Why Kuroko’s Basketball Season 4 Never Happened?

Kuroko's Basketball season 4

Kuroko’s Basketball or Kuroko no Basuke is an anime series that gets popular for its anime series. Japanese anime series are famous for their variety of different genres. With The anime series getting popular. Fans are overwhelmed with the level of different types of anime available on the screen. Sports genre anime series more often get into the fan’s mind as they have such an amazing story. Kuroko’s Basketball is one of those sports anime series and after the show made its first premier in 2017. 

So far, the series has released 3 seasons of this anime series and fans have been wondering about the fourth season. Whenever it comes to sports genres, there is something soothing to all the fans because who doesn’t love men and women spying games? I mean Sports is something that avails our fantasy and this genre should definitely have something different to read. 

As the last season of this anime broadcast, the fans of this anime series started to look for the future of this show. Based on the manga series that was once a popular one among the Japanese people. As soon as the popularity rose, many readers outside the world started to love and admire this series with their pure hearts. 

With the mouth-watering drama series, one could easily think that this series would get another part. If you are one of those fans who are hoping to get Kuroko’s Basketball Season 4 then this article would help you. Continue reading this article to find out everything about this anime dream in detail. 

Kuroko’s Basketball: Know About it!

Kuroko's Basketball season 4

Kuroko’s Basketball is one of the popular anime series that was released in 2012 and run till 2015. Within these 3 years, the show has successfully released 3 seasons back to back. 

The story of this anime series focuses on the sports genre. But unlike the other sports-themed anime series, this series also has most of the fun, entertaining, and drama that makes this anime series different from other sports anime series. 

After the show premiered, the fans started to watch the show. Not only the people of Japan but people from outside the world also adore this drama. Like many anime series, this show was also based upon the manga series which started to be published in 2008 and run till 2014. After the manga drops, many people get into the reading; however, the anime series have significantly seen a rise in viewership. 

Tadatoshi Fujimaki’s amazing work was significantly behind this series’s popularity. Any person who has watched this show would know how the show is a perfect balance of everything and any person who has watched it would not feel left out. 

Furthermore, the show will bring back all the originality and would entertain the viewers from the start. After the show became popular, the studio released 2 OVAs based on it. 

The first OVA has been divided into three parts and all three of them are available on Crunchyroll.

Kuroko’s Basketball Season 4: Is it Confirmed?

Kuroko's Basketball season 4

After season 3 was released, the fans started to look for future updates until the officials released the statement regarding season 4. As the fans are hoping to see another chapter of this story, there was something else from the creators. It turns out that the officials have been not expecting another season. 

Season 3 of Kuroko’s Basketball is officially the finale season. But isn’t there more to the story? Well, the story was incomplete and the last time we saw the anime series, there were still a lot of things left to be covered. 

Despite the show ending on a cliffhanger, the creators ended the series? Well No! As there are many fans who don’t know, the officials did release a spin-off movie that directs us to the story of the show. 

As the movie already talks about what happens after season 3, it kinda makes no sense why there will be no season 4. 

Kuroko’s Basketball movie series which is named “Kuroko’s Basketball: Winter Cup Compilation” was originally released in three different parts at different times which was streaming on Crunchyroll. As the series premiered another movie was a book that was produced by Netflix and was released on 18 March 2017. 

The story of the anime series was wrapped up within the movie series so there is no chance that the studio will renew the show. 

On the other hand, the manga of this series ended with the ending not continuing afterward. With everything getting close, I don’t think that there would be anything to show. 

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Kuroko’s Basketball Season 4 Release Date Updates!

Kuroko's Basketball season 4

The officials have canceled Season 4 of this series. As the show makers don’t have any plan to further extend the series, we need to believe that Season 3 of Kuroko’s Basketball was the finale season. Audiences were genuinely hoping To see some more drama but unfortunately, the show is nowhere to come. 

Everything from the story has finally closed and there is nothing more to talk about. As per the reports, Kuroko’s Basketball Season 4 will never happen. 

If by chance, Netflix decides to make any other spin-off of the show, we’ll make sure to update you through our website. But I don’t think that there would be anything else to show. 

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Where Can I watch this Anime Drama?

The anime series was released in 2015 after its manga series got immensely popular all around the world. The show is officially available to stream on Crunchyroll and any person who is interested in watching the series can jump in there. 

Moreover, the anime series has recently launched on Netflix too. The movie is also exclusively available on the OTT Platform. 

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