KSI Past Girlfriends And Current Relationship Status In 2022


Recently, KSI discussed the dissolution of his relationship with his fiancée when appearing on the Sidemen Reddit podcast.

During a chat with members of his YouTube community known as Sidemen, the YouTuber made a passing reference to the end of his relationship.

With a cryptic post on Instagram at the beginning of November, the 28-year-old actor, who had been romantically involved and smitten up until recently, stoked speculation that he and his girlfriend were no longer together. On the post that has since been erased, someone had scrawled the words “single and alone.”

Who are Ksi’s Ex-Girlfriends, if he Has Had Any?

In spite of the fact that the YouTuber makes a concerted effort to keep his personal life secret, his audience is ultimately privy to the information.

Although it is unknown who KSI dated in 2021, the celebrity made allusions to his recent breakup with the members of the band Sidemen.

However, there are a few facts regarding his previous relationships and ex-girlfriends that we are aware of. There is a great deal of information available concerning KSI’s relationship with Seana Cuthbert, an English internet personality who was reportedly his high school sweetheart.

It is said that the former pair first began dating while they were in high school and that they split up in 2014.

In 2017, the star gave off the appearance of being devoted once again. This time, though, there was a significant amount of mystery about his new love connection, and it was really intriguing.

An report published in Metro suggests that Lois Sharpe could have made an appearance in the KSI music video “Mauritius With My Girlfriend,” which has since been taken down.

A short connection was also made between the YouTuber and the model and social media phenomenon Nia Pickering for a period of time. Reportedly, the pair dated over the years 2018 and 2019, respectively. Nevertheless, neither side has done anything to corroborate or refute the supposed relationship.


When We Return to the Year 2022, Does Ksi Have a Girlfriend?

It appears that KSI does not have a girlfriend right now in 2022.

A cryptic Instagram post by the Holiday singer that read “alone and alone” sparked allegations that he and his long-term lover had broken up the previous year and that he was now “alone and alone.”

After some time had passed, the rapper uploaded a video on YouTube in which he explained to viewers what had happened, stating, “My girlfriend and I are no longer together.”

However, according to KSI, there has been no more trouble since that event took place some time ago.

In reference to the puzzling post on social media, he said, “Drunk me decided to f***ing do this like a f***ing stupid, and yeah.” I’m not sure. That which is, just is.

Since it is now accessible to people all over the globe, I anticipated that the internet would see a surge in activity.

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What is he Doing Right Now on YouTube?

On Instagram, KSI is quite active even to this day. The YouTuber posts sponsored content for brands such as Adidas and XIX Vodka, a brand that was formed by the YouTube group Sidemen, of which he is a part. XIX Vodka is also sponsored by the YouTuber.

He is concentrating his efforts right now on advancing his profession as a musician. It was in July of 2021 that he released All Over The Place, which was his second studio album. On the album, he collaborated with a number of different musicians, including 21 Savage, Future, and Lil Durk, among others.

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