Jigsaw Netflix Is Confirmed By Netflix| A Series Similar To Money Heist


Netflix has always been a hub for heist shows and criminal series for the past many years. Even if not Netflix, we have been blessed with these heist movies for many decades and to be honest, Audience loved to watch them. It’s not like that we also want to rob the most prominent bank of our country but these kinds of series entertained throughout the end. One of them is Jigsaw, which is a recently released series on Netflix. 

If you are an active Netflix user then you must have watched the series on the Top 10 Most watched list of Netflix. Even though the series didn’t get that much fame and popularity, it was still able to make the fans entertained. 

Netflix has already developed an eight-episode series for its platform. With the creation of Eric Garcia, who you know from his previous work in Matchstick Men. The series is based on the popular 2003 movie that shares the same name. 

After this show was announced, it was a popular topic of discussion among the people. Listening to the regular updates of the upcoming show makes the viewers more curious.  For all the thriller and heist lovers. Now the audience is wondering about the TV series and if it is going to have another season or not. 

In this article. We’ll be discussing everything about the criminal series in detail. If you are someone who is blessed with the show and wants to have the updates then this article would help you. 

Jigsaw: Know Everything about it!


Jigsaw is an upcoming crime and heist drama that would be going to be released on Netflix. As per the officials, the show is under the production of Netflix and would be soon going out. 

As far as we are concerned, we have already witnessed tons of crime and heist series so far. For the past years, Netflix has been developing some amazing criminal movies and shows and I don’t doubt that. However, would the new movie be great? I can’t say until I watched it. 

As per the latest news, the officials have announced that the series would be going to be an eight-episode show in which one single show can last up to 30-40 minutes.

The showrunners also tease that the new Netflix series would consist of a bunch of casts that are very familiar to us. This concludes that we might be getting some of our known faces as the character of the crime and heist series. The audience is excited to find out who they’re gonna be. We have discussed everything but it in the details. Keep scrolling the article and find out who’s going to be in it. 

Jigsaw Netflix: When it is going to be released?


There is no official confirmation regarding the release date of the series, So far, we only know that the series is under production by Netflix and will be soon going out. 

Moreover, fans are waiting for the official confirmation of the release date but it’s been more than a month since there has been any official date. 

In the interview with Variety, the showrunners have confirmed that the show is currently under production. This means that the days are not far off when we can finally watch the series on our own. 

As per some updates, the Jigsaw would be premiering in 2022. You can expect the show to release in the next year as it is currently under production in Netflix Studios: Brooklyn.

Another popular anime series that is becoming popular is 7 Seeds. The show has successfully completed 2 seasons and the third season is just going to happen. With this, the fans are hoping that the series would be out somewhere in 2022 but the officials have something else to say. What? Read about it here. 

Jigsaw Netflix: Who is going to Cast in the Show?

jigsaw netflix

The heist movies have always been filled with a bunch of characters that always entertained us. A single person can’t make a big heist because then, it wouldn’t be a heist. Audiences have already seen multiple shows and movies that involve a single person as the main thief but now that seems so boring to me. 

After I watched the famous Spanish series, Money Heist on Netflix, I knew that the heist show would be something that would entertain me. The big success of the Money heist was enough for the showrunners to conclude what the viewers are looking for. 

In the big reveal, Netflix talks about the eight important chapters of the series who would be the part of Big Heist in the show. In the next few lines, we will be taking a quick look at this cast and I will be going to introduce them to you. Excited? Then read it carefully. 

  • The first and foremost character of the series is Leo pap. Giancarlo Esposito will be playing the role of Leo Pap in the upcoming series. He will be the head of the heist and will also lead the show. As we already know that there is a person who is the master planner and responsible for the whole heist, he is that. He was an engineer by profession and have a sharp mind that matches with the professor of Money Heist. Also, this guy has a criminal family background in the show.
  • Secondly, Paz Vega is playing the role of Ava Mercer. Might be an amateur at the work she does but she has a good heart. Ava is an attorney in the court and plays in the favor of the innocent. An attorney who plays things fast and loose but is ultimately loyal to the people she cares about.
  • Rufus Sewell will be seen as Roger Salas. He is an ex-thief and is now in a different zone that includes security expertise. 
  • Tati Gabrielle will be playing as Hannah Kim
  • Peter Mark Kendall will be seen as Stan Loomis. He is basically a smuggler but looking for a good life and also a romantic person. 
  • Rosaline Elbay will be seen as Judy Goodwin
  • Jai Courtney will be seen as Bob Goodwin
  • Niousha Noor will be seen as Nazan Abassi. 

The officials have just wrapped up the second installment of the series and now the fans are wondering if there would be another part to cover the life of Subaru Natsuki? If you are one of those fans who have been waiting for Re: Zero Season 3 then this would be the stop for your searches. Read this article to find out everything about the series in detail.  

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