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It’s possible that you came across the Jack-O Challenge this week while browsing social media; if so, you know that in order to take part, you’ll need to be quite flexible.

When it comes to situations like this one, taking gymnastics classes could really pay dividends.

Whose Jack-o-Dice Game Is This, Anyway?

You’ve definitely seen the challenge spread like wildfire through social media platforms, but can you explain exactly what it entails? It is safe to say that it has significant popularity among gamers.

The most recent downloadable content character for Guilty Gear Strive, Jack-O, is the point of origin for the entire situation.

In its most basic form, the “#jackochallenge” encourages users of social media platforms to assume a position that is analogous to Jack-extremely O’s highly flexible (or uncomfortable?) pose.

Those who are partaking in the trend are depicting famous figures in the “Jack-O” pose through the medium of painting, and some individuals are even striking the pose with their bodies.

On Friday, the character will first appear on the game’s character selection screen for players to select (27th August).

The following is a list of several examples of the Jack-o-Challenge:

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