Is Gamezy the Greatest Fantasy Site For Online Games 2022?

Gamezy App

Fantasy cricket is becoming more popular right now. Cricket enthusiasts are enthralled by it. Through fantasy cricket, many of fans have discovered a way to make money.

Fantasy cricket is for you if you are a cricket expert and want to supplement your income. It is one of the most effective methods to make money playing cricket.

What is Gamezy?

Gamezy is an online fantasy cricket game that was created for the game. One of the most popular fantasy cricket applications is this one. Everyone may gain equally from the software, regardless of whether they are a seasoned veteran or new to the game.

First of all, it has an intuitive UI that makes it simpler for you to utilise. Additionally, it provides a variety of additional wonderful features. Over 20 lakh people have already downloaded the app.

It is secure and reliable in contrast to other applications. Huge monetary awards are available, and there are many different matches to pick from. On the site, in addition to fantasy cricket, you may play rummy, poker, and other fun activities.Gamezy App

Advantages of the Gamezy App

As was previously said, Gamezy provides its users with a number of advantages. Check out the tips online if this is your first time using the programme.

  • Distribution of 15 minutes

Gamezy doesn’t make you wait to get your prizes as other fantasy gaming apps do. Within 15 minutes of the game’s conclusion, you will get your rewards if you prevail.

  • Eight different languages

There are 8 distinct languages supported by the app. This entails that fantasy cricket may be played in your own tongue. For gamers, this is a practical choice.

  • Quick withdrawal

The Gamezy app enables quicker IMPS withdrawals. They also let gamers withdraw money through Paytm to make things simpler.

  • Leader boards and missions

The app offers customized tasks where you may try your luck. You have a chance to do this to get on the leaderboard and win fantastic rewards.

Download Gamezy Apk

Gamezy is not accessible via the Google Play Store, however, it is on the IOS App Store.

As a result, IOS users may get the programme straight here:

The APK would need to be downloaded by Android users, although it is not a difficult procedure.

Just launch the Download pages on the Gamezy website using the mobile browser.

Scroll down and choose the download link on the Gamezy download page. Your phone will download the Apk.

Referral Code for Gamezy 2022

Do you just install Gamezy? Watch out! To help you get started on your adventure, we’d like to provide you a referral code.

A Referral Code: What is it?

It is a code that a brand-new user may input when signing up for the application. Both the new member and the referral source may benefit from benefits by using this code!

Where should the Referral Code Be Entered?

When you launch the app for the first time, you must enter the referral code. Before entering his cell number in the app, the user will be prompted to input a referral code! Copy the following code if you don’t have a code:

Who will the Referral Be Effective For?

Any brand-new Gamezy app user may utilise referrals (on both Android and IOS)

As previously mentioned, when you use the app for the first time, the recommendation will be requested on the sign-up screen.

Both the sender and the recipient will get Rs. 100 for each referral.

You may make up to Rs. 12,516 in Gamezy based on your friend’s purchases.

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How to Get a Referral Code of Your Own

On the “Refer a Friend” page, you can receive your very own code!

To get your own referral code, choose your avatar and click “Refer & Earn” here.

How to sign up for Gamezy

Gamezy registration is really simple. Just carry out these actions.

Only your phone number has to be entered when prompted on the sign-in page.

You may use the app after your phone number has been confirmed!

To access your profile after arriving at the main page, click the upper left corner of the display.

Here, you may fill out the KYC verification and input your Gamezy name and email address.


  • Low rivalry at the moment (but the app is growing at a fast pace)
  • Safe and reliable app with a strong brand
  • KL Rahul is a dependable brand spokesperson.
  • A Quick and simple withdrawal procedure
  • low deposit threshold (Rs. 25)
  • low withdrawal threshold (Rs. 25)
  • 365-day-a-year customer support
  • On the app, there are also non-fantasy games.
  • Cons
  • Withdrawals need ID verification, however, this also makes the app safer.
  • There are now fewer fantasy sports available in the app.
  • The fantasy system may vary somewhat from the other programs.
  • Several states have outlawed the games of rummy and poker.
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