Introducing Notisave, Now Available on Ios and Android! Whatsapp: Reading Deleted Messages

Notisave App

The NotiSave software enables you to recover all future notifications from your smartphone. With the notification app installed, you may maintain a clean notice bar. Since you can see the precise date and time you got each notice, saving all of your alerts will help you avoid misunderstanding.

Here’s how to download the NotiSave app on your iPhone or Android device.

  • Go to your Apple App Store or Google Playstore and choose the install option
  • The app won’t show up in your list of applications right away.

What is the Notisave App for?

  • To utilise the NotiSave app, follow these steps.
  • Download your software from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Give the app permission to sync with all of your phone’s essential apps, including those for files, media, notifications, and images.
  • The app will begin maintaining a track of all the alerts and information as soon as you grant permission.
  • Even if the sender deletes the notice of the message after it has been stored, you will still be able to clearly identify the sender.
  • Additionally, you may reply to messages without leaving the app.Notisave App

How Can I Use the Notisave App to Read Deleted Whatsapp Messages?

  • Here are a few steps that might help you read the WhatsApp messages that were deleted.
  • A pop-up message will ask you to grant access to notifications after installation. Select Allow by pressing.
  • Next, a drop-down list appears; choose WhatsApp from there.
  • Change WhatsApp’s toggle status by clicking it.
  • Click on any notifications you come across that take you back to a deleted communication. It is still visible on the notification bar. The communication will be sent in plain text, nevertheless.

Why is Notisave Not Functioning?

You could be using an outdated version or there might be a problem with internet connection. You must download the newest version and log in to the app from scratch if you are using an earlier version.


It may be concluded that preserving WhatsApp notifications is now simpler than it was in the past. To get the most out of the app, try using it.

Read Also:

Can I Use Notisave on an Iphone?

Yes, the NotiSave app works well on iPhones.

Is the Notisave App Chinese?

No, NotiSave is a South Korean app rather than a Chinese one.

Is Notisave a Secure App?

Since the corporation completely monitors the app’s degree of secrecy, there are no safety concerns. WhatsApp is used to convey important and often confidential communications. Everything has been taken care of.

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