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Season 2 of

Even though “Elfen Lied” is one of the darkest and bloodiest anime series ever produced, it has left a lasting impact and influenced some of today’s most popular programmes.

The protagonist, Lucy, is a member of the recently mutant species Diclonius who manages to get out of the institution designed for testing her kind.

Lucy was hurt while wrecking mayhem outdoors. Because of this, she started acting like a kid.

The source material for ‘Elfen Lied’ is a Japanese manga series created by Lynn Okamoto.

The last episode left viewers hanging. However, almost a decade and a half have passed, and we still have no information on season 2. So, how likely is it that we’ll get a second season of “Elfen Lied?”

Cancel or Return for Season 2 of Elfen Lied?

The first season of the anime was created by Arms Corporation. Great effort was put into making this unique performance. Many of their followers have been hoping for an official statement from them for years. Nothing of the kind transpired, however. After 16 years, the producers still haven’t heard anything about the show being picked up for another season. Season 2 of Elfen Lied is in limbo, and with it, the show’s future. The creators of the anime never officially scrapped it. Thus, there is a subset of viewers that hold out hope that the anime will somehow continue.Season 2 of "Elfen Lied"

How Come Season 2 of “Elfen Lied” Has Not Been Officially Announced Yet?

The studio responsible for the anime filed for bankruptcy on July 22, 2020, which might explain why it was not renewed. On August 4, 2020, the studio shut its doors permanently. Dandelion was the company’s original name before it changed to Arms Corporation. They eventually rebranded it as Triple X. After filing for bankruptcy, however, they ceased operations.

Elfen Lied’s sole chance for survival is to be scooped up by another company, maybe Netflix.

The absence of original content might also be a factor in the cancellation of the anime. The serialisation of the manga on which the programme is based concluded in August of 2005. As is well-known, the goal of many anime shows is to increase manga sales. If there are no more volumes of the manga to sell, there may be no more viewers for the anime.

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Does Anyone Know If The Elfen Lied Anime Is Coming Back For Season 2?

The audience reaction to the anime’s debut in 2015 was quite positive. The narrative, however, caused quite a bit of controversy. The anime has a lot of bloody scenes and is classified as gruesome. Certain parts of this anime series may be upsetting to some viewers. And it is a big reason why fans haven’t gotten a second season yet, despite their being enough content for one.

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