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Have you been looking for a way to save the Instagram posts and pictures of your favourite celebs, but had no luck finding it?In light of the fact that many hosting services had difficulties while attempting to download Instagram content, especially stories and photographs.

Now, however, with IMGINN, you can effortlessly download the Instagram stories and photographs of your favourite celebrities with a single click.

Next, we’ll walk you through the process of using imginn to download your Instagram stories and photographs, and we’ll also let you know whether doing so is safe.

Can You Explain What Imginn is?

IMGINN (Imginn Instagram) is a toll that allows users to download the photos, videos, and stories from public (not private) Instagram accounts belonging to their favourite celebrities and influencers.

Most of us were following some somewhat well-known Instagram influencers in the hopes of downloading their photographs, stories, and images for use in our own digital libraries.

Unfortunately, we are unable to do so since we were unable to find a single service that allowed us to download both Instagram videos and photographs in one convenient location until we stumbled into IMGINN.imginn

Which is a One-stop Shop From Which All Publicly Available Material May Be Downloaded in a Single Session.

  • IMGINN (Imginn Instagram) is an Instagram picture and stories downloader toll that uses the Instagram API to get all the Instagram ids and then allows users to download the stories, photographs, and videos of Instagram celebrities or stars whose accounts were public, not private.
  • We all wanted to save the photographs, stories, and images of our favourite Instagram influencers to our phones and laptops since they were so well-known and widely-read.
  • However, we are unable to do so due to the fact that not all Instagram videos or photographs downloaders were supplying us with the ability to download everything from Instagram in a centralised location.
  • That is a one-stop shop from where you may get any and every publicly available media.
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Where Can I Find the Imginn Homepage’s Official Urls?

  • The canonical URL for IMGINN’s site is
  • To follow an influencer, just type their name into the search field and click on their account.
  • Just click the button next to the desired image or video to start downloading it.The
  • Download of the selected pictures or photographs will begin immediately.

Is It Safe to Get Files From

Is it safe to download photos or videos from Yes, it is safe to download images or videos from since the website does not save any data of yours or host any of those movies on their servers; instead, it retrieves the data over the Instagram API.


We hope you’ve enjoyed IMGINN: Access Instagram Stories and Photos.

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