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Ibomma is an online store where you can buy and sell new, used, and damaged products including clothing, shoes, cosmetics, jewellery, etc. The premium brands Ibomma carries, such as Michael Kors, Tory Burch, and Akris, are well-known. Ibomma offers a refuge to shop while they stand out with their high availability of special items, providing extraordinary ease to the customer and seller compared to their other alternatives in the marketplace.

In 2016, Anne Clara Owelle, one of Nigeria’s rising entrepreneurs, launched the well-known apparel shopping website Ibomma. The website is most known for its selection of inexpensive local designer products.

Including major labels like Michael Kors and Tory Burch as well as regional companies like Pendo and Zahia, it offers over 1,000,000 goods available for purchase on its website. Ibomma is extending its reach into America and has the potential to rank among the top internet retailers in Africa.

Ibomma’s exclusive brands are unusual because of the company’s distinctive strategy for marketing to customers searching for one-of-a-kind items. On their website, Ibomma makes sure that all transactions are legitimate, safe, and devoid of any false or unsuitable goods.

Customers of Ibomma have the option of paying using Cash on Delivery, Mobile Money, Bank Transfers, or Credit Cards while making purchases. Ibomma also takes Express Delivery, Regular Delivery, and Courier as three different delivery methods. The website’s return policy and insurance apply to each and every purchase.


Ibomma provides a comprehensive return policy that protects both the consumer and the vendor. Customers may return defective goods for a full refund within seven days of delivery under the return policy. Sellers are required to accept returned goods and provide full refunds to consumers beyond this time frame.

Ibomma has a significant online presence on social media and blogs where they regularly update new goods and market their brands. Additionally, they utilise their blog to promote their select merchants, who may advertise their goods and get additional visibility on the website. Currently, Ibomma uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest as social media platforms.

One of the earliest internet shopping blogs in Nigeria, omma’s blog has gained a lot of popularity. Ibomma is a cutting-edge business strategy that has transformed how goods are sold in Nigeria by giving buyers and sellers a safe and secure platform and shielding their clients from fake or illegal goods.

Each card handled by Ibomma includes membership access to their website, which gives users access to a variety of benefits including Gift Certificates, Coupons, Discounts, and Reward Points. Any Ibomma customer member gets access to exclusive offers and discounts throughout the whole site.

Ibomma is renowned for offering a wide range of items from renowned premium brands at competitive costs. The website offers a huge selection of goods, such as purses, clothes, shoes, men’s accessories, jewellery, and cosmetics. Brands who are renowned for their excellence in the fashion business, such Michael Kors and Tory Burch, are included on the website. Ibomma regularly updates its website with new products and provides the newest fashion trends.

Ibomma is the first online store in Nigeria to provide clients with a large variety of goods. Nigerian shoppers seeking high-end goods at reasonable rates have grown to love its distinctive shopping experience.

What Dangers Can Illegal Streaming Pose?

You are undoubtedly well aware of the fact that illicit streaming websites often lack security. Since most of these websites are short-lived anyhow, it is rare for their proprietors to employ cutting-edge protection. In other words, these illicit streaming services don’t adhere to the same rules and guidelines that legitimate websites do.

We advise you to give access to websites like iBOMMA some serious thought before you do. Some of the risks to be aware of are listed below. We’re hoping that these worries would make you think twice before streaming or downloading illegal stuff from the internet.

Unsavory software

Malicious malware is a significant issue with illicit streaming. Websites like iBOMMA often contain severe malware that might gravely harm your device. Have you ever noticed how pop-up advertising are everywhere on free streaming websites? These websites serve as a haven for malicious software, spyware, and the like.

There’s a chance that the virus may download itself onto your device even if you don’t click on any links.

Data Breach

Most websites need you to register in or establish an account before accessing their services, so be sure to do so. However, as already indicated, these websites make little security investments. For additional money, many websites could sell your personal information to other businesses.

In essence, piracy is theft.

As most of us are likely aware, the usage of material that has been paid for is governed by certain rules. Generally speaking, buying material entitles the user to use it for personal purposes such as reading, playing, or listening.

Once you copy, distribute, trade, or profit from it, you have gone beyond the bounds of permissibility. Piracy, for instance, is similar to purchasing or renting a movie and charging others to watch it for themselves.

Without the consent and authorization of the original creator or owner, you are stealing if you copy any content. You are a digital pirate if you engage in this activity, which is against the law.

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Although it may be alluring to go with the free but illegal option, it is preferable to follow the legal course right away to keep yourself out of trouble in the future. You can protect yourself from malware by signing up for major streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon in addition to supporting the entertainment sector.

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