I May Destroy You 2 Cancelled: Why There Is No Sequel?

I May Destroy You 2

I may Destroy You was released last year and fans were over delighted to see a series that has such an overlighting theme. Michaela Coel has amazingly created, developed, and written the series, along with this she has also acted as the main protagonist of the series. Disney Hotstar exclusive series review great response from the people and that’s the reason why the audience are wondering about I May Destroy You Season 2. 

After the series got an amazing response from the fans, it somehow created a massive fan base that is always there. That’s the reason why fans were left shocked after the series didn’t get any awards in the Golden Globes. The day after the event, fans took to Twitter to respond against the issue and said how they got snubbed by the Awards Show. 

But the rage slowly came down after SAG Awards appreciated Michaela Coel’s performance in the series and awarded them with the best Female Actor of the year. This makes the fans the happiest because what happens in the Golden Globe Awards show was miserable for them with all these things going around, another thing that makes the fans worried is the I May Destroy You Season 2.

The critically acclaimed series got a lot of success soon after the release of the first season. And now fans are wondering if the series would be happening or not? Fans from all over the world watched to know if the series would be taking a second season or not. If you are one of those people then this article will help you. Find out everything regarding the series here. 

I May Destroy You Series

I May Destroy You 2

I May Destroy You is a British drama that was officially released in 2020. Directed and written by  Michaela Coel, who has amazingly created the series and also acted as the main protagonist of the series. The series runs under BBC and HBO and they are responsible for the production of the series. 

Moreover, the series stars Michaela Coel as the main lead Arabella Essiedu, who is a writer and searching for her existence in life. Arabella Essiedu is a young writer who is inspiring her life and finding a way to live after getting raped.
For the audience, the show plays quite an important role to inspire all the people out there who are facing problems after getting any kind of sexual assault in his/her life. 

Moreover, the first season of I May Destroy You includes 10 episodes and fans started to wonder about season 2. As the first season was quite a hit, there is no reason to not renew the series. Is it going to happen? We’ll find out in the next section. 

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I May Destroy You Season 2 Confirmed Or Not?

I May Destroy You 2 Details

The title of the series makes it quite reluctant at the first site because anyone who will think of the name, it would definitely make anyone explore the series. 

All the episodes from 1 to 10 are amazingly created, keeping in mind the interest of the viewers. As the series was initially released, it makes the viewers think of every possibility one can go beyond the limit. I would definitely praise Michaela Coel here. Her amazing work in the series has not only made her win the best female actor award but also gained massive success all around the world. The series is already released but fans want to know what happens later. 

How does Arabella manage her anxiety and depression and how her successful life affects her life? There are a lot of questions that the viewers needed to know but sadly they can’t. 

The officials have revealed that they will not continue the series after Season 1. Season 1 of I May Destroy You was just a single-season show. 

The HBO and BBC officials have also announced that everything is upto Michaela Coel. As the series has already been criticized a lot by the critics, but it won’t stop the viewers to watch it and fall in love with everything that it offers. 

Not only this but the Channel also reveals that they are openly ready to work with her and if she allows the I May Destroy You Season 2, it will happen for sure. 

One of the officials said,

“Michaela Coel is thinking about what she wants to do next. I don’t think there’s going to be another I May Destroy You, there’s no season two coming. But she’s thinking about what she wants to do next and hopefully, we’ll be lucky enough to be partners with her again.”

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I May Destroy You Season 2 Cancelled

I May Destroy You 2 cancelled

I May Destroy You Season 2 is officially cancelled after the director announced that she would give a stop to the series. The popular show was just released with an amazing entry, however, the unwillingness of the creator to extend the series beyond season 1 makes the viewers sad. 

The audience rating summary of the show is 4.7 stars and the critics have also praised the performance of Michaela in the series. But all these things are just wasted after the creator decides that the series would not have another chapter. Fans were expecting another season but BBC and HBO individually revealed that I May Destroy You Season 2 is officially canceled. 

So if you are looking to watch the second season of this series then there is none.

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