Top 6 Anime That Are Similar To Hunter X Hunter

Top 6 Anime That Are Similar To Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter is one of the highly populated anime series and ever since the show released its last seasons, fans kept wondering if there would be any miracle for the series to continue its storyline. The show has everything that would make a person get obsessed with it and besides this, the ending of the sixth season has left the fans on a cliffhanger and wonder if the future of the series holds any place or not. 

It’s been a long time since the officials have released any such statement regarding the anime. While the fans are hoping to see Hunter X Hunter Season 7, we don’t know if there will be the seventh season or not.

Based on the popular manga series that started in the year 1999 and is still ongoing, the anime abruptly ended in 2014. Yoshihiro Togashi, the author of the manga is not well and this has raised many questions among the viewers regarding the possibility of Hunter X Hunter Season 7, we have something else to fill your empty vessels.

I know that there are many people who are hoping to see the seventh season. Despite the availability of the source material, it feels like the officials have not been interested in the development of the future episodes. Read this article till the end and find out more anime series just like it.

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Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins brings back the story that is based on the popular manga series that shares the same name. The popular anime series got its first debut on the television series on 5 October, 2014. At the time of its manga release, the story was already popular. I doubt the anime adaptation plays an important part in the popularity of the show. 

Just like Hunter X Hunter, this series is also a Fantasy adventure kind of anime. The story follows Queen Elizabeth who needs to help the seven deadly finds. The popularity of this anime is huge and the online ratings is justiciable of how popular this show is. 

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Hunter X Hunter Season 7

Edward and Alphonse Elric, the two brother and are the main protagonists of the series. The story follows these two brothers and their search for the philosopher’s stone. 

They were looking for the stone in order to restore their life. While counting the name of the popular anime series, Full Alchemist is one of those anime that gains amazing response from the audience. The series has an intriguing storyline and the characters are well-remembered by the audience. If you are looking for some anime that matches with Hunter X Hunter then you should definitely try this series.

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Hunter X Hunter Season 7

I am pretty sure that you have guessed this anime before reading the whole article. Talking about the anime series that matches with Hunter X Hunter, I think that Naruto should hold a proper place on the list. It is hard to believe that anyone who is into anime has not heard about Naruto. I certainly feel that out of the total population, it is unlikely that half of the people haven’t heard about it. No doubt the show holds huge popularity and that’s the reason why after so many years, the show is popular. 

Centers around Naruto Uzumaki, who is the main protagonist of the show. The show follows him and his journey to become the absolute ninja. The series matches with the Hunter X hunter and it is also because the writer of the original manga are friends and they revealed in an interview that both of them have shared their ideas regarding the manag and helped each other during the times. 

If you have watched Hunter X Hunter then you would be shocked to know that Uchiha Clan and Kurta Clan from both the series share some of the similarity. This makes the audience of the anime watch Naruto.

One Piece 

Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Similar Anime

One Piece, one of the well known anime series that focus around a young boy named Monkey D. Luffy who unexpectedly achieved super elasticity after eating a devil fruit. The anime series is filled with adventure, fantasy and a lot of fun which would definitely make you remember how Hunter X Hunter feels like. 

No doubt that Hunter X Hunter is a popular anime series but One Piece also holds a massive fanbase all around the world. Fans have already loved the series and the show has created hype among the people. So far, the series has released 981 episodes. One of the things that you would feel different from the Hunter X Hunter series is how this show never ends.

One thing that you would love about the show is how long it is. Following the incredible tale, the series is one of the longest running anime in history. If you have always loved adventure anime then this would be a gem for you. 

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Demon Slayer 

Demon Slayer is one of the best anime series that would give you exactly the same feeling like the Hunter X Hunter anime. Following the life of Tanjiro, who lived in a world where Demons and humans exist at the same time. Everything was just fine until Tanjiro’s sister turned into a demon. The anime focuses around the main protagonist and his dedication to sacrifice everything just to make her sister normal again. 

No wonder dark Fantasy has been playing a big role in the anime series. No matter which genre you are fond of, this is something that you would never get bored of. Demon Slayer is making its fans all obsessed regarding its amazing storyline.

Moreover, the show has already released its first season and now there have been talks regarding its second season. The series has already been a massive hit among the anime lovers and this leaves no chance for the series to not adapt a second installment.

The show is not purely based on its manga series and that’s why the series is different to the audience. Demon Slayer gained massive success after the release of its first season but when the show hit on Netflix, it managed to attract a larger number of audience. Just like Hunter X Hunter, Demon Slayer has compelling characters and a great storyline which makes the series quite similar to each other.

The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland is the greatest anime that would give you exact feelings with Hunter X Hunter. The series follows demons and fans who loved the series with their heart. The show has been popular since the manga age but the anime have definitely added more depth in the anime series. 

Moreover, the series follows around the place where the demon used to conquer the world. The main protagonist follows the story of Emma who lives in the same world where other children live. 

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