How Twitter feed on website help in business growth?



Twitter and its audience

Twitter is one of the most liked social media networks with more than 350 million active users every month and counting.

It is a hub for almost every kind of information, be that Sports, Media, Industry, or Politics. It has users from almost every genre.

With time, Twitter is becoming a choice for marketers as well and is reported to have more than 75 percent of global marketers on it today.

Marketers today, involve social media very promptly with their business to mark a social presence for their brand and make it globally acquainted.

They choose to integrate their social media profile, be it a Twitter profile for instance, with their business website so that their organic website traffic can evident their social media presence and user engagement.

Embedding Twitter feed on website is an easy process that can be done through Twitter aggregation tool and is one of the most preferred digital marketing tactics in an eCommerce business.

Despite being not as popular as Instagram and Facebook, Twitter has a more sophisticated audience and refined content due to its limited scope for it.

Benefits Of Embedding Twitter Feed on Website

Some more facts can prove why and how an embedded Twitter feed on website is helpful for your business growth.


Though being in social media is not an extraordinary achievement. But not being in social media, can be an outdated behavior.

People usually expect their chosen brand to be in social media and often choose to explore its content in social media. As it helps them in obtaining trust and go for purchase with more confidence.


User-generated content is something that is generated by a random user, and that must be relating to your brand.

Though, unlike Facebook and Instagram, which are very welcoming for the new content in terms of its size, Twitter has a very limited scope. Yet, Twitter is believed to have more sensible content than the other two.

Such limited and cultured user-generated content can prove itself a very beneficial attribute for your business as it builds trust in the audience.


Once you have an embedded Twitter feed on website, the organic traffic that you were already getting would love to see this new look of your website.

It would seem like a sign of confidence as you are showing the user-generated content directly and not the paid promotional content to your audience.

An embedded Twitter feed on website would not only give your site a unique face. But also spread good word-of-mouth in between your audience, which indirectly leads to having a popular brand-image built as well.


If you have an embedded Twitter feed on the website. It lets your website visitors dwell more time on your website than before.

The more the dwell time, the more will be the probability of user engagement.

We can conclude from this fact that embedded Twitter feed on website is helpful in more than one aspect.

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As, the more the user engagement, the more will be your business sales.


Once you have integrated Twitter with your business website, the website’s traffic would start getting more acquaintance.

The higher will be your website’s user engagement rate, the better will be its SERP result.

Word-of-mouth plays a role here. As once it is known your audience that you are showcasing your social presence on your website. Many of your fans would likely reach your website just to see that. if you want to know about backlink basics for the high-quality result then click here.

People are usually found to be very excited to see themselves on an eCommerce platform.


It is an observed fact, that people with a selective taste in social media who would prefer to have a very limited. But influential social presence are more likely to be found on Twitter.

A limitation of 260 characters to represent the thoughts, make it a very enclosed and defined platform for expression.

This fact again proves that Twitter is a platform with not much of absurd content. And even if has some, one can easily moderate it through Twitter aggregation tool.

Thus, it is an appropriate platform to construct a lucrative customer base and keep your business surrounded by a niche audience.

In this article, we have showcased some of the most basic. But crucial facts regarding Twitter and also the benefits of having an embedded Twitter feed on website.

We have shown you all the facts around user engagement, sales, and SEO performance.  Which are the key factors for business growth as far as e-business is concerned?

Embedding Twitter feed on website is a very easy process and can be done through a Twitter aggregator. Hence, we should not wait for anything else and integrate Twitter as soon as possible to grow our business in all verticals.


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