How to Use & Activate the Capitec App – a New Capitec Bank App is Here!

Capetic Bank App

One of the most well-known financial institutions in South Africa, the Capitec Bank Limited, has a smartphone app for remote banking called the Capitec App.

The app provides clients with convenient banking alternatives anytime, anyplace. People can quickly do commercial banking thanks to it. Users may validate their biometrics for the app’s security by downloading it for free.

What is the Capitec Bank App for?

You may first open an account by going to the Capitec bank branch that is closest to you.

After that, you may call and check the email address. The app is also available for download and usage.

An extensive list of what the Capitec Bank App can perform is shown below:

  • Scan your IDs and upload a selfie to open a new bank account.
  • Reset the PIN for the remote app.
  • Purchase mutual funds and shares of stock.
  • E-statements through email.
  • Pay your utility bills and purchase SMA, airtime, data, and prepaid electricity packages.
  • Utilize SARS e-filing.
  • Block lost or stolen cards.
  • exchange money.
  • control debit and credit cards.
  • Immediately transfer funds to other bank accounts.
  • Track your spending.
  • Make virtual cards active.
  • control the use of contactless cards.
  • customise the home page.

How Can I Get the New Capitec App for Nothing?

You may visit Google Play or the Apple App Store to download and install the Capitec app for Android.

After creating an account for the first time in the Capitec App, you may also download the app via the SMS link.

How Can I Install the Capitec App on a New Phone?

You may use the Capitec new app download APK or the instructions listed above to install the app on the new phone.

Both new and old phones will go through the same procedure. On a new phone, though, you may need to activate the app. You may use the below-provided instructions to complete the activation procedure.Capetic Bank App

On a New Phone, How Do I Activate the Capitec App?

You will get an SMS with a link to download the app when you create an account at the Capitec Bank branch that is closest to you.

Only until the bank has confirmed your phone number will this occur.

The app may then be installed on your smartphone by clicking the link provided in the SMS.

You must launch the app when the installation is finished and input the login the bank gave you as well as the remote banking PIN you selected at the bank branch.

This will activate the app, allowing you to use it from your home, workplace, or holiday location to carry out a variety of tasks.

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How Can Capitec App Be Activated Without Visiting a Bank?

You may easily download the app on your new phone or reinstall it on your current smartphone provided you have validated your email ID in your Capitec banking profile.

Then, without any difficulty and without travelling to the bank, you may activate it by following the on-screen instructions.

How Can the Capitec Banking App Pin Be Changed?

You may log in to the app by going there. After that, modify the PIN in the app’s profile area. A new PIN must be entered and confirmed again.

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