How to Make a Dstv Payment Using the Capitec App, Ussd, or Online Banking in [2022]

Dstv using capitec app

In South Africa, DSTV provides excellent home viewing possibilities. In other words, all you need is some kind of link. It’s simple to sign up for DSTV, and the service’s monthly fee is as straightforward.

You should just choose on a method that works best for you. You may use any of these payment methods: in-store POS terminals, USSD text messaging, online banking, automated teller machines, or bank accounts.

Many different methods of payment are accepted while shopping online.

Consider using the convenient Eazy mobile payment system.

Key in your phone number and security code now.

Visit any Zenith Bank location to open an Eazy money account.

Is There a Guide for Using the Capitec App to Make a Dstv Payment?

  • Here are the instructions for using the Capitec app to make an online DSTV payment.
  • Select the “transact” menu, then “Payment choices.”
  • Log in to the Capitec mobile app with your private remote PIN.
  • Select the Add Beneficiary button located towards the bottom of the screen.
  • Choose the DSTV option under the Capitec registered tab.
  • Pick between the Multichoice or Box Office DSTV package.
  • Proceed to the next screen and make your payment choice there.
  • A secret PIN entered by remote is your confirmation.
  • DStv USSD payment instructions through Capitec.
  • Other than Discovery, Investec, and African Bank, Capitec is one of the few South African banks that does not provide USSD transfers.Dstv using capitec app

Is It Possible to Use the Capitec Mobile App or Online Banking to Make a Dstv Payment?

The Capitec mobile app does support payments. At the moment, the Capitec app’s support for online banking payments is lacking.

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In conclusion, there is no doubt that DSTV accepts a wide variety of payment methods.

It’s up to you to decide which mode of payment works best for you.

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