How to Get Class Point for Free In 2022 and What It Costs

Classpoint App

Each and every teacher who uses PowerPoint now has access to ClassPoint, an integrated interactive teaching and classroom quiz tool. It enables educators to swiftly convert PowerPoint presentations into interactive quizzes, administer the quizzes in class, collect students’ real-time replies, grade them, and save the results. Powerpoint also includes helpful annotation tools and digital whiteboards for use in the classroom. ClassPoint allows instructors do all the above just inside PowerPoint; no need to move to other tools!

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 Teachers that want to increase student participation but don’t want to switch between several programmes. PowerPoint is the only place to obtain instant answers to your inquiries and a wealth of other benefits

How to Get the Free Class Point App?

The ClassPoint programme is simple to install on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. Additionally, it aggressively aligns with the Office 365 suite and is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint 2013, 2016, and 2019.

In order to download, you must go via the option.

Fill out the download form, making sure to include your position and goal. Additionally, it will often take a few minutes to download to your PC.

You will be prompted to run the file on your computer in order to install it on your device via a pop-up window.

Consult your IT personnel if you have any concerns about the installation rights.

Now that you have accessed your PowerPo

int presentations using ClassPoint for the first time, click the Sign-in option and fill out the form that displays.

Once you have completed the necessary fields, you are prepared to proceed.

Classpoint App

How Does the Class Point App Work?

If you want to use ClassPoint for teaching sessions or even just leisure reading, the ClassPoint app has a variety of features that may be helpful.

After installing ClassPoint on your computer, you may quickly and easily check your file for errors.

You may highlight the lines you want your students to pay attention to while teaching by using the laser torch.

You may use the pencil marker to highlight the errors in red, which will make it simpler for your pupils to see and fix them.

Additionally, Sudoku graphs and tables may be completed fast and easily.

The process of underlining and annotating text is straightforward.

Digital whiteboards are very helpful for teachers, because they are available to all users. You may create extra whiteboard sets to display underneath your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

Details On Class Point Pricing

ClassPoint offers a free trial as well as a free edition of the programme, and its price structure begins at $8.9 per month when paid yearly, $10.9 per month for a three-month cycle, and $14.9 per month for every month.

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People like having access to the ClassPoint product because of its many data analysis tools, gamification possibilities, PowerPoint connection, Q&A Management, Live Result Tracking, and Feedback Management capabilities, among other things.

The majority of consumers who have utilised the software have left positive evaluations, and as a consequence, their yields have increased. Many believe that the technology looks to live up to its claims.

Promo codes for class point pricing may help you get reductions of 70–80% off all new registrations.

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